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Friday, August 17, 2012

sylvester stallone sage

sylvester stallone sage, 'I'll always treasure Sage's memory': Grief stricken Sylvester Stallone is supported by his daughters at premiere It's been a devastating few weeks for Sylvester Stallone ever since he heard the gut-wrenching news that his eldest son Sage had died from a drug overdose.
As the 66-year-old said himself, there is no greater pain than losing a child, and despite a heroic effort to return to work as his film, The Expendables 2, does the rounds; there is just no mistaking the pain in the veteran actor's
eyes Last night, he opened up to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show and said of his loss: 'When life hits you pretty hard you can go into a dark corner, or you can say, ‘Ok, fine,’ I’m going to find something to focus on, children, your wife, be supportive to other people too.
'Because I know a lot of people go through [losing a child], and they don’t get the attention that I do.
'And I feel for them, because it’s one club that no one wants to be a member of, that’s for sure.But I think about his memory, he was a lovely boy and I’ll always treasure that.'
Tonight it was the turn of the Hollywood premiere; perhaps the hardest leg so far for Stallone, as it means returning to the city where Sage died aged 36.
Indeed, from Hollywood Boulevard where the Rocky legend surveyed thousands of fans tonight, it's just a small drive to the Studio City house where his son died alone.The contrast between these two situations must be marked and painful for the bereaved parent, so no wonder he kept his sunglasses on as he arrived at the theatre tonight.
And thankfully, this is a film full of friends for Stallone, who assembled a crack team of buddies for The Expendables, including his close friends Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dolph Lundgren.
But it was Sylvester's daughters who appointed themselves to prop up their father tonight.Sophia Rose, 15, and Sistine Rose, 14, and ten-year-old Scarlet flanked Stallone, with Sistine linking arms and later holding hands with her father.
The girls are no doubt just as devastated about Sage's sudden death as their father is, but are clearly helping him move on from the tragedy.
The 36-year-old filmmaker - whose mother is Sasha Czack - was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment last month and evidence suggested that his death was accidental.Despite the personal tragedy, Stallone has persisted with his career commitments and has been promoting the action film for the past week or so.
The film really is his baby, and he recently admitted that he refused doctor's advice not film his own stunts.
actor, who has recently gone under the knife to have neck and shoulder operations, told Contactmusic.'Yes the doctor said ... I had my neck fused in the last one with a stunt and a broken back ... Then I had two back operations, a shoulder operation. The last one took its toll and the doctor said, `Don`t take any rough falls, let a stunt guy do it`.
'But sometimes you just have to do it and I don`t know, I just threw all common sense out of the window so, yeah, there were some injuries and some tough ones in this one, but I just can`t help myself," he said.'

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