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Friday, August 17, 2012

Lady Gaga Apartment $1,850

Lady Gaga Apartment $1,850 - She lived there for three years while she was struggling to make a name for herself in the music industry.
But fans of Lady Gaga can now live in her old NYC apartment which is currently on the market to rent at a mere $1,850 per month.
The Born This Way singer lived in the one bedroom flat in Manhattan when she was just Stefani Germanotta, before she found fame with her alter ego Lady Gaga.
The 25-year-old singer moved to the trendy Lower East Side area in 2006, leaving her parents plush home in the Upper West Side.
John English of Citi Habitats described the flat as ‘a real bargain for the area’.
While many of Gaga’s monsters will no doubt love to live where she the realtor insists the price hasn’t been increased because of its famous past tenant.
Speaking about living in the flat
Lady Gaga said: 'It was like I had to go lick the ground for a few years to understand New York City and a whole different side of the pavement.
'I wanted to live alone live in solitude with my music. I wanted to read poetry and be overly dramatic about everything and that's what I did.
Yesterday it emerged that Lady Gaga gives her dad Joe 50 percent of her earnings under their LLCs, Team Love Child and Mermaid Music.
Gaga believes her father has earned his share of her fortune and her success has allowed him to realize a lifelong dream. He now works in the industry, managing aspiring artists.
In fact, this holiday weekend, Thanksgiving in the US, the most outrageous pop star in the world will go home to her parents' house on the wealthy Upper West Side of Manhattan and stay in her childhood bedroom.

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