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Friday, August 17, 2012

Jackie Stallone Trout Pout (VIDEO)

Jackie Stallone Trout Pout - Sylvester Stallone's mother, Jackie, showed up to the Los Angeles premiere of "The Expendables 2" with dyed hair and a huge trout pout. Stallone has stayed close to his family as he continues to cope with the July death of his 36-year-old son, Sage.

Possibly our favourite television moment ever, ever, ever was when Jackie Stallone made her surprise appearance in the Celebrity Big Brother house, much to the shock of Bridgette Nielsen who squealed:

“Oh my God Jackie!”

And then that famous response: “yeeeeah, Jackie.”

Hold on a second we need to YouTube that to relieve the brilliance of it.


Right, sorry so as we were saying- at the time we thought the spectre of Jackie’s surgically altered, frizzy orange head couldn’t get any more terrifying. We were wrong; as she reaches her 90th year of life, Jackie seems to have wriggled out of her old skin and has found a new one to slip into.
This one includes an even bigger trout pout than the last and darker, longer hair - and were her eyes always that green, or did she buy a new pair of them as well? Jackie – yeeeeeah, Jackie – was out in LA last night for the premiere of her son Sylvester’s latest movie when she debuted this new look. She’s never confirmed or denied having plastic surgery over the years, frankly we’re guessing though her youthful appearance is just down to good genetics. She’s 90. Sorry to say that again, we just can’t get over it.

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