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Thursday, June 21, 2012

stacy keibler pregnancy rumors

stacy keibler pregnancy rumors, George Clooney’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler was on a boat in Lake Como over the weekend when her dress showed what appeared to be a bit of a baby bump. We’re guessing that it was just the way the dress was made – because we all know how much George wants to be a father

Sources close to Stacy have called BS on the rumors that she’s incubating the spawn of the Clooney, but apparently the rumor mill has kept on going. We’re guessing that this was basically Stacy’s way of combating the rumors, as she has taken to her official Twitter account to post the above photo.

We’re guessing that her flat stomach is not housing spawn of anyone. What we are surprised with is the fact that with all of this baby talk, George hasn’t decided to fly the coop yet. Wait until it comes out of her mouth and he’ll be off like a prom dress.Stacy Keibler is not expecting George Clooney’s child despite recent reports.

The former WWE wrestler has been dating the Oscar-winning actor for nearly a year and they appear to be closer than ever.

The 32-year-old is currently on vacation with George at his mansion on Lake Como, Italy.

She was seen over the weekend with what appeared to be a rounded stomach on her usually tiny frame.

But TMZ claims sources close to the blonde beauty have confirmed that the rumors are “100 percent false.”

Stacy was seen drinking wine with friends last night which may be a further indication she is not with child.

George has said in the past that he does not want to have children and has no intention of marrying again.

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