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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fake & funny Twitter feeds

Fake Twitter feeds, Faux Twitter feeds cause fury in the media world and provide gut-splitting chuckles to readers.  Here's some of our favorite phony Twitter feeds that show satire at its best.

AP Stylebook

What it is: The industry-standard style and usage guide for journalists, reporters and editors.

Favorite tweet: "The plural form of Batman is 'Batmen.' 'Batmans' is the present tense of the verb 'to Batman.'"

What it is: A multinational telecommunications provider and one of the top providers of mobile services.

Favorite tweet: "NEWS: #ATT CEO predicts Data Only Plans! No calling plans, no dropped calls! Problem solved. Woot!"
Chris Bosh

Who he is: The NBAer plays power forward for the Miami Heat.

Favorite tweet: "LeBron has 3 MVPs, Wade has 1 ring. Meanwhile, my trophy case is filled with broken promises, lost dreams & 10 years of Jurassic Park jokes."
BP Global

What it is: A British multinational oil and gas company that nosedived into a public relations nightmare in 2010 due to a Gulf Coast disaster.

Favorite tweet: "The bad news -- we're being sued by the United States. The good news -- they sue in dollars, not pounds."
Michael Bloomberg

Who he is: This feed mocks the New York City mayor's comical attempt to speak Spanish.

Favorite tweet: "Nueva Yorkos! Remain in la casa para mucho rain y lightningo y thundera! El Bang Bang! #Irene#NYC"
Gary Busey

Who he is: An Oscar-nominated actor and a known name on reality TV.

Favorite tweet: "Nicki Minaj is what happens when Lil' Kim and Lady Gaga have sex."
Blue Ivy Carter

Who she is: The infant daughter of singer Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z is the inspiration behind this feed.

Favorite tweet: "In honor of Hunger Games, I'm putting all my nurses in my crib arena where they must uh-oh to the death. Winner gets chocolate!"
Bill Clinton

Who he is: If you want a few laughs about the former president's insight into politics and fondness for the ladies, look no further.

Favorite tweet: "Trying to pick a running mate for my 3rd term. Can't decide between @algore, Charlie Sheen, or Mr. T."
Suri Cruise

Who she is: The little fashionista is the only child of big-screen stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Favorite tweet: "Going barefoot in Paris is like showing up to the Oscars in a denim miniskirt. I mean you, Blue Ivy."
Darth Vader

Who he is: The famous villain from the "Star Wars" film series.

Favorite tweet: "I feel a tremor in the Force. No, actually it was just my special lunch burrito. My bad."
Rahm Emanuel

Who he is: The former White House chief of staff and current Chicago mayor.

Favorite tweet: "Time to head in to start watching results. I'm wearing a single glove over my invisible hand, motherf'ing MJ style."
Stewie Griffin

Who he is: The youngest child of the Griffin clan on "Family Guy" who exhibits extreme hatred toward his mother.

Favorite tweet: "Oh sure I've spent my entire life trying to kill my mother, but who hasn't?"
LeBron James

Who he is: The Miami Heat forward is often mocked for his supposed overconfidence after leaving his former team.

Lindsay Lohan

Who she is: A former Disney actress that may be more popular for all her legal issues.

Favorite tweet: "I follow those who deserve to be followed. The Program has set high standards for me. Beyond the 12 steps are staircases."
Matt Mackowiak

Who he is: A political analyst and the founder and president of a political and communications consulting firm.

Favorite tweet: "Didn't KNOW I'm also an EXPERT on African-American issues & SENTIMENTS? If you send press comments by EMAIL, you can be any COLOR you want!"
Gwyneth Paltrow's son

Who he is: Moses, the baby boy of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Favorite tweet: "Had a dream about creme eggs and peeps. Woke up to another basket full of carob. Guess my mom got to the d*@n Easter Bunny."

What it is: The Big Apple's public transportation system.

Favorite tweet: "In order to increase service speeds, trains will no longer be making stops."
Rupert Murdoch

Who he is: A media mogul whose company holdings include the largest U.S. newspaper by circulation.

Favorite tweet: "@WillBlackWriter How many Murdochs does it take to change a light bulb? Four. 1 to change it, 3 to deny they know anything about it."
Michelle Obama

Who she is: The current first lady of the United States.

Favorite tweet: "Helping @fakehillaryc tie up Jeb Bush, I mean, campaign for my husband."
Sarah Palin

Who she is: A former Republican Party vice presidential nominee in the 2008 presidential election.

Pew Research

What it is: An institute that provides analysis and statistics on issues, attitudes and trends that impact the world.

Favorite tweet: "Dog breeds involved in biting attacks: Doberman 11%; Chihuahua 8%; Junkyard 46%; Low-Down Dirty 31%; Bounty Hunter 4%"
Lucas van Praag

Who he is: The former public relations chief at Goldman Sachs.

Favorite tweet: "Memo to staff: We'll be collecting for the Settlement Fund through Friday. It is of course 'voluntary.'"
Queen Elizabeth II

Who she is: The queen is head of state of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms.

Favorite tweet: "And God said, 'Let there be gin in the midst of the tonic,' and it was Gin O'Clock. #ginoclock"
Jim VandeHei

Who he is: The co-founder and executive editor of Politico.

Favorite tweet: "Politico turned 5 yesterday. Like most toddlers, we make up stories and occasionally poop our pants."

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