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Thursday, June 21, 2012

justin bieber battery case

justin bieber battery case, Justin Bieber’s altercation with a paparazzi photographer over the weekend is being referred to prosecutors for possible criminal prosecution.
Police are investigating The Biebs for alleged misdemeanor battery after the singer allegedly scuffled with a paparazzo while out with Selena Gomez in Los Angeles on Sunday.
The cops have now turned the case over to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, according to TMZ.

It should be noted, however, that the move is pretty standard for cases of this nature.

A spokesperson for the D.A.’s office tells Gossip Cop prosecutors have not yet acted.

Bieber is wanted for questioning but is no longer in California, having jetted off to NorwayIn late May, it was revealed that Justin Bieber was suspected of battering a photographer in Calabasas, California. He was trying to leave The Commons Mall with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, when they got their exit blocked by a photographer. According to rumors, Justin got into a bit of an altercation with the photographer.
After the scuffle, a lawyer on the scene advised the photographer to call 911, go to the hospital and file a police report against the teen singer. CHA-CHING! Even though the guy will permanently be referred to as the guy who got his butt whipped by Justin Bieber, he went through with it.
The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has completed its investigation into the battery complaint and has forwarded the case to prosecutors. The Sheriff’s rep Nicole Nishida said, “The case was just passed off to the D.A.’s office. It is up to the D.A. if they press charges.”

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