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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Palin show lawsuit

Palin show lawsuit, Bristol Palin's new show already facing lawsuit, Her daughter of one-time vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, has a new reality-TV show called "Life's a Tripp" that just debuted on Lifetime and unfortunately it's already facing a legal battle. The lawsuit stems from another Palin-based reality show that never made it to production, and while Palin herself isn't named in the suit, the 21-year-old mom is already facing a lawsuit of her own.

Bristol Palin Show Lawsuit: Kyle And Christopher Massey Sue Over Reality Show, Before Lifetime's "Life's A Tripp," Bristol Palin had another reality show in the works that followed the "Dancing With the Stars" alum to Los Angeles as she worked with a charity and lived with her friends, Kyle and Christopher Massey. But it didn't make it to air and according to, the Massey brothers are suing over it.

Palin was supposed to star in a Bio channel reality series described above. Now, the brothers and their mother, Angel, are suing Associated Television International and its head David McKenzie, to try and stop the Lifetime reality series, which premiered on Tuesday, June 19. The Masseys are suing over "copyright infringement, breach of contract and unfair competition, seeking a permanent injunction and monetary damages," according to Palin is not named in the suit.

The Masseys claim they developed the show and helped McKenzie and ATI produce the originally planned series.

"It is unfortunate that after months of trying to resolve this matter the professional way, we were left with no other course of action than to take legal action to protect ourselves," Angel Massey said in a statement to E! Online. "If you read the entire complaint, and particularly pages 8-11, you will see how we created the show, registered the show and did all the leg work to bring this idea to TV and to the defendants, who stole our concept."

This isn't the first lawsuit to originate over "Life's A Tripp." A heckler with whom Palin confronted on camera filed a lawsuit accusing the reality star of defamation. The plaintiff Stephen Hanks also named Lifetime in the suit, claiming he had not given permission to be filmed. Video of the bar incident -- Hanks reportedly yelled at Palin and she then confronted him -- was widely circulated in 2011. Palin has said the incident helped her decide to leave Los Angeles and return to Alaska.

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