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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mutant pig dog

Mutant pig dog, When a pink and plump Chinese Crested dog with odd brown spots and a shock of white hair was seen wandering XinXiang, China, many citizens mistook the bizarre-looking dog for some sort of mutant pig, according to theWith several research centers and a medical school nearby, passersby who spotted the peculiar dog were concerned it was an escapee from some dangerous lab experiment. One bystander even described the animal as an obvious "genetic experiment" on a pig that had been botched.Mutant pig dog' scares Chinese city's residents

Pink, spotted, mostly hairless and adorned with a pouf of gray fur atop its head, a strange animal spotted in Xinxiang, China, has been labeled a "mutant pig dog" in numerous headlines  It turns out that the breed is so notably hideous that it is regularly entered in the World's Ugliest Dog Contest

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