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Thursday, June 14, 2012

German forest boy

German forest boy,Police release photo of mysterious 'Forest Boy' In an effort to finally identify him, investigators in Germany have released a photo of the so-called "Forest Boy" who wandered out of the woods nine months ago, claiming to have lived there for five years (what language did the boy speak when they found him?). The boy's story — that his mother died and he and his father lived in tents and caves for five years until he died — has been doubted by many. “His story is highly unusual and raises some questions,” a police spokesman told The Daily Telegraph. “But we believe it is credible – that is why we are investigating.”
The teenager, who gave his name only as Ray, turned up at Berlin’s City Hall on Sept 5 claiming to have been living in the forest with his father for five years.
He speaks a little German and is fluent in English.
Linguistic experts are working with the youth, who is in the care of child welfare authorities, to analyse his accent in the hope that it will reveal his origins.

The spokesman said: “We have people trying to work out exactly where his accent is from.”The pair will be given a DNA test to verify whether or not they are related to the teen, who says his name is "Ray".

The lad, who speaks perfect English, has been at the centre of intense media scrutiny since he appeared in Berlin last month claiming to have been living in woods for five years.

German media reports say the couple contacted police after seeing the lad's photo.

There was no official comment from authorities in the German capital.

If it is found that he comes from Switzerland the 17-year-old will be deported back there.

There have been several claims that the boy's story is bogus.

The blonde, blue-eyed teen claimed to remember few details about his life when he turned up on the steps of a town hall in the east of Berlin on September 5.

He said he had been living in a tent in a forest for five years with his father, called Ryan, and that his mother Doreen had died in a car crash five years earlier.

He said he spent two weeks walking to Berlin after his father died suddenly in the woods, where he said he had buried him among the trees.

He told officials: “I’m all alone, please help me."

But since he showed up cops say his story has failed to check out.

Cops across Germany said they have no record of anyone called Doreen dying in a car crash in the past decade.

And despite searches no sign of a grave has been found in forests in the Harz Mountains, along the Bavarian-Czech border or in Thuringia.

The lad was also unable to pinpoint the forest where he said he had lived for so many years.

The tent he was carrying did not look as if it had been used to camp out in woods for five years and he was well dressed and clean.

"Ray" triggered more suspicion when he said he did not want to pose for photographs or make an appeal to try to find any of his family members.

He said: “They’re all dead.

“I just want to get on and make a new life for myself.”

A police spokesman said: “Unfortunately it seems that the boy told his guardian that he wasn’t interested in discovering who he was."

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