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Thursday, June 14, 2012

father's day fashion

father's day fashion, Father's Day 2012 is on June 17th, and as we salute the dads who raised us, we decided to look back at the highlights -- and some very lowlights -- of our fathers' most epic fashion moments.

As you might remember, we put together a massive slideshow of our mothers' great looks from over the years for Mother's Day 2012. But why let moms have all the fun? We figured there had to be some wild dads on vacation photos that need to be shared with the world.

And while the moms were lovelier, we're going to go on the record: the vintage dads of HuffPost staffers are way more hilarious, from their epic '80s 'staches to some very breezy polyester bell bottoms.

We invite all of you to upload your own photos of your stylish pops! (If your dad's modest, you'll probably want to ask his permission first.)

Here are the amazing dads of our team, or as we like to call them: The bold. The brave. The mustachioed. Happy Father's Day!

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