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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Expensive celebrity purchases

From luxurious modes of transportation to extravagant homes and eccentric collector's items, these famous individuals prove that although leading the glamorous life of the rich comes with a price, they can afford it.

Roman Abramovich

The clues: The Russian business tycoon's  $485 million toy eclipses all others in the world, coming in at 557 feet long with two swimming pools, two helicopter pads, a disco hall and more.
Ben Affleck

The clues: Before Jenny From the block bought her current Beau a customized gift  she dropped $300,000 on a gift for this ex fiancĂ©.
Paul Allen

The clues: The Microsoft Corp. co-founder's childhood pastime blossomed into an affinity for collecting wartime memorabilia to the pricey tune of $25 million.
Gilbert Arenas

The clues: Besides dropping over $100,000 on toys for his kids, the Memphis Grizzlies player also decided to spend big bucks on some outside home decor.
Victoria Beckham

The clues: Thanks to her soccer star husband and his million-dollar deal, Posh now has an all access pass to her very own cork-popping, making and tasting venue.
Justin Bieber

The clues: The teen music sensation's label and management team banked $100,000 to ensure that when the platinum recording artist is on the go, he goes green.
Vanessa Bryant

The clues: The NBA wife's Laker husband spent $4 million on a rare jewel as an apology gift to her for his involvement in a 2003 sex scandal.
James Cameron

The clues: Olympic divers spend years developing their technique, but it only took $8 million for this film visionary to become a world record-setting diver.
Mariah Carey

The clues: It's no Barbie jeep, but this pink-mobile courtesy of her multi-talented hubby is sure to make the songbird feel like a princess.
Blue Ivy Carter

The clues: Baby Blue's blinged out porcelain gift from her mommy's former Destiny's Child group mate cost $5,200 and is decked out with 45,000 Swarovski crystals.
Justin Combs

The clues: The son of a hip-hop and fashion tycoon's sweet sixteen birthday present was beyond super. The lavish German wheels cost Justin's daddy a whopping $360,000.
Petra Ecclestone

The clues: The Formula One heiress  spared no expense to ensure her canine companions lived in the lap of luxury. The $85 million, 56,500 square feet property once belonging to a late TV producer is not the average dog house.
Robin Givens

The clues: The actress' former heavyweight-champion ex-husband didn't rely on Calgon to do the trick when he plopped down $2 million for her bathroom accessory.
Lewis Hamilton

The clues: The Formula One race driver and his Pussycat Doll girlfriend may decide to start a band with his $100,000 investment.

The clues: Beyoncé spent $2 million on the fastest road car in the world as a 41st birthday gift to her hubby.
Lady Gaga

The clues: The "Telephone" songstress didn’t waste time calling "Ghostbusters," opting instead to spend thousands on elaborate equipment.
Heidi Klum and Seal's children

The clues: The celebrity kids' super-model mom and singer father shelled out $2,500 for their purebred four-legged friend.
Ralph Lauren

The clues: The fashion designer  reportedly treated himself to a $30-$40 million 1938 vintage travel companion.
Danica Patrick

The clues: The Indy racer typically travels at high speeds while on the job, but plopped down $2 million to slow things down when away from the track.
Brad Pitt

The clues: Before the actor put a ring on it  his baby momma dropped $100,000 on an inscribed sporty two-wheeler for his 44th birthday.
Prince Charles

The clues: More than 40 years ago, Queen Elizabeth II bestowed upon the prince a 21st birthday chariot fit for a king, which he has since converted to run on biofuel made from English wine wastage.
Tony Romo

The clues: Three months before the couple split, the NFLer’s then girlfriend gifted the birthday boy with a custom $100,000 water toy to satisfy his need for speed. His birthday gift her?
J.K. Rowling

The clues: The Harry Potter author was bestowed a body ornament worth millions as a thank you from the Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment.
Phil Ruffin

The clues: A $68 million investment in this toy provided the Las Vegas billionaire with speed, a wide body and staying power.
Charlie Sheen

The clues: This popular pub and man-cave, table-top game and sport cost the "Anger Management" star $25,000 and supplied him with a dose of his favorite things – winning and a bevy of women.
Sebastian Vettel

The clues: The current Formula One World Drivers Champion celebrated his four-wheel victory with a $100,000 custom made two-wheel reward.

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