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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Avery bucket list baby dies

Avery bucket list baby dies

Avery bucket list baby dies - Avery, bucket list baby, dies, Avery Canahuati, a 5-month-old ill baby who became a media sensation after a 'bucket list' created by her parents went viral, has died. Items on her bucket list included 'wake up smiling' and 'have a bad hair day'. She recently had the chance to throw out the first pitch for this baseball team. Avery suffered from Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

The six-month-old girl with a rare genetic disorder and a ‘bucket list’ blog created by her parents died of complications from the disease yesterday, her father wrote today.
Avery Lynn Canahuati was born in November with spinal muscular atrophy type 1 (SMA) and was given only months to live.
Her father Mike had chronicled his daughter’s life in a blog, writing in her voice about all the things she wanted to do before she died, including wearing a big bow and going to a tea party.
On the blog, Mr Canahuati wrote that their daughter passed away on Monday after one of her lungs collapsed. The infant then went into cardiac arrest.
He wrote: ‘Avery’s passing this quickly came as a complete shock to all of us, as she had just been given a thumbs up at her last doctor’s appointment only three days ago.’
He then shared a note ‘written by’ Avery, that was heartbreakingly hopeful. The note thanks everyone for their prayers and support, and reads: ‘When people think of me, I they will not waste time sitting there feeling sorry for me, rather I hope they will STAND UP in honour of me and all my friends.

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