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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Woman Best Butt Discount

Woman Best Butt Discount - A Texas restaurant gave a female diner a tiny discount this week for having the "best butt" and for being the "best looking". The woman posted an image of the receipt online, and it went viral. So far, the restaurant has not responded.

Coupons and discounts for diners are becoming more and more commonplace.
But one woman at a Texas burger chain was given money off for having the ‘Best Butt’.
A Reddit user posted a picture of his friend’s receipt, which showed the bizarre mark-down below the unidentified woman’s veggie bowl and fried pickles order.

The sneaky compliment was printed beside a ‘Best Looking’ discount, which earned the customer one cent off the total price of her bill.
The female diner at Twisted Root Burger got a total of $0.02 off for her attractive attributes.

The Consumerist points out that the receipt has not been verified but one Reddit user, who claimed to work at the chain, confirmed that fun discounts can be added on to bills.
But some recent additions to receipts have not gone down so well. Papa Johns pizza in New York had to issue an apology to a customer in January after an employee identified her as 'lady chinky eyes' in her order.

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