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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prince Andrew 1000ft

Prince Andrew 1000ft, action man Prince Andrew prepares 1000ft abseil Londons Shard tower, Prince and Ffion Hague to abseil down the 1,064ft Shard next month, Expected to raise £1million for charity, Says mother Queen Elizabeth II never worries about her children, When completed The Shard will be 59th tallest building in the world, Safety belt? Check. Plenty of leg room? Check. And a view to take your breath away?Absolutely. But at this altitude he might usually expect a more comfortable seat.

The Duke of York is in for a terrifying takeoff as he prepares to leap from the tallest building in Europe in aid of charity.

Prince Andrew – dubbed ‘Airmiles Andy’ because of his penchant for luxury air travel – will abseil off the 1,016ft Shard in London on September 3. While the duke admits to being fearful at the prospect, it seems the Queen is not so concerned about her son’s feat.

He said: ‘Mother doesn’t worry, based on the fact that all of her children have done exclusively mad things over a number of years and she is quite used to it.’

Andrew, 52, came up with the idea for the £1million fundraiser while watching from Buckingham Palace as the Shard was built.

He will be raising money for educational charity the Outward Bound Trust, of which he is chairman of the trustees.

The charity aims to help young people realise their potential through learning in the wild – whether it be canoeing, hill-climbing, mountain-biking or kayaking.

Andrew came up with the idea himself during a brain-storming meeting in the Yellow Drawing Room at Buckingham palace.

He recalled: ‘I’m sitting at the end of the table, looking out of the window whilst they are having this conversation. I suddenly noticed that this rather special building was appearing on the London horizon.

'I said to them, why should we not do something that is in keeping with the adventurous nature of Outward Bound , that has the element of risk that we are particularly good at managing? That sense of getting slightly out of your comfort zone?

‘I said, ‘why don’t we just abseil down the outside of the Shard?’” According to the organisers, the enterprise will be ‘terrifying’ – not just because of the extreme height, but because of the sensation of sliding down on glass and also because the descent is so long that each abseiler will have to stop and start three times.

Andrew, a former naval helicopter pilot, has abseiled before but admits that the prospect fills him with fear.

‘It’s the same for me as it for everybody else,’ he said.

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