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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cher 66 tim medvetz 42 years old

Cher 66 tim medvetz 42 years old, Is 66-year-old Cher ready to walk down the aisle for a third time? According to a new National Enquirer report, the answer is yes, and as soon as this fall! After their 2008 wedding plans were derailed due to the singer's hectic work schedule, Cher and her on-again-off-again biker beau, Tim Medvetz, have reportedly recommitted to tying the knot.

"Cher and Tim plan to hop on the back of a chopper this fall and take off on a road trip that will end at a Vegas wedding chapel," an alleged friend of the icon revealed. "This is Cher's last chance at love, and she has her sons Chaz and Elijah Blue to thank."

Apparently, Cher's kids encouraged their famous mom to give love with Medvetz, a 42-year-old Hells Angels biker-turned-mountain climber, another try. "Since neither Chaz nor Elijah is planning on kids, Chaz finally sat Cher down and said, 'Mom, get a life! Go back to Tim!'" the source revealed. "They picked up right where they left off."

"Now Cher is beam­ing, and Tim told a pal, 'I thought climbing Everest was the ultimate call of the wild, but I think marrying Cher will top that!'" the insider reported. Tim is the founder and president of The Heroes Project, an organization that supports veterans, soldiers and military families, and in which Cher has been involved.

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