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Saturday, August 11, 2012

vince young lockout loan

vince young lockout loan, now well more than a year in our rearview mirror -- was a tough time, especially for players who weren't expecting to see their source of revenue dry up. One of those players appears to have been Bills quarterback Vince Young, who reportedly took out a $1.69 million loan to get him through the lockout period.

That's according to TMZ, who obtained a judgment against Young from Pro Player Funding, who claims to have loaned the quarterback $1,876,876.88 during the lockout.

TMZ reports that Young had a "VERY high risk" loan which allowed PPF to come calling for the full amount if Young missed a payment. The loan also, reportedly, had "high interest rates."

Young allegedly missed a payment, apparently right after his signed with Buffalo this offseason, and the company headed to court to obtain the judgment. Per TMZ, the full amount owed by Young, including interest is $1.69 million.

That's a pretty big nightmare for Young, who isn't exactly raking in endorsement cash, and who is currently signed on a one-year deal with the Bills, worth $1.9 million.

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