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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kathlyn Beatty Announcement

Kathlyn Beatty Announcement - Warren Beatty’s transgender son Stephen Ira has made a big announcement, he wants to get pregnant and have a baby. Now if you are like me you might not have even known that Warren and his wife Annette Bening had a transgender son. Stephen was born Kathlyn Elizabeth Beatty but began the transformation to become a male in his early teen years.

In fact it has been widely reported that he came out to his parents at age 14 and began the transition from a woman to a man shortly after that. It is something that he is very open about and recently even discussed his sexual transition in a recent video that went viral on Youtube, you can see that video below. I highly recommend you watch the video it is very interesting and gives quite an insight

The 20-year old has allegedly made a major announcement. Stephen has revealed that not only does he want to have children but that he intends to get pregnant himself. He said he wants to put his babies in onesies that say “This Is What A Transfemmeinist Looks Like.” He is still young, so who knows if this is an immediate goal or just an in the future idea. Yep if he has his way Warren and Annette will be grandparents thanks to him. Along with his plans to have children the Sarah Lawerence graduate also wants to teach English as well as write poetry, fiction and critical work to promote open mindness.

Stephen is the oldest of the four children that Beatty and Bening. The famous couple has not really spoken about their transgender child. It kind of makes you wonder if they are doing it out of respect for him or because they are ashamed. Their son has gotten a lot of publicity in the last couple of weeks so perhaps now would be a good time for them to talk about Stephen, just sayin.

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