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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Toddler Bus Stop Family

Toddler Bus Stop Family, Police Search For Family After Toddler Abandoned At Detroit Bus Stop, A 21-month-old girl left at a Detroit bus stop Monday afternoon has been reunited with her family. The girl’s mother and aunt contacted Detroit Police after the girl’s photo appeared in the news Monday night, said Sgt. Richard Knox of the Detroit Police Child Abuse Unit. The child recognized her mother and aunt when they arrived at the police station.

“She just hugged the aunt and fell into her arms,” Knox said. “When the mom walked into room, she said ‘Mom, mom.’”

Police said the girl’s father was caring for the child Monday . Her mother didn’t realize she was missing until she received a call from a family member who recognized the child from news reports.

Why the child was left at a bus stop at Van Dyke and Nevada remains a mystery. Children’s Protective Services will investigate, Knox said.

Police said a man walked away from the bus stop Monday leaving the little girl behind. Police are investigating whether the man was her father. Another person at the bus stop took her to Perfecting Church nearby and called police.

The little girl knew how to wave and could say “hi” and “thank you,” but she didn’t know her mother’s name and wasn’t old enough to give police any clues about her family.

“That little girl is great,” Knox said. “She ate all my potato chips.” They describe the little girl as very mild-mannered.

Detroit police say a man was standing at a bus stop on East Nevada near Van Dyke, when another man approached with the little girl. The man then walked away, and left the child.

The girl is now in police custody, and this incident is being handled by the Detroit Police Department’s Child Abuse Squad.

The little girl is approximately 18-24 months old, wearing a pink flowered tank top, dark blue jeans, and sparkled pink canvas shoes.

Detroit police say they are searching for the girls’ family. If you have any information about the girl or the man who left her at the bus station you are asked to call Detroit police.

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