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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ryan lochte the bachelor 750000

Ryan lochte the bachelor 750000, One of the stars of the 2012 London Olympics, swimmer Ryan Lochte, is interested in being more than just a famous swimmer who gains attention every four years.

Since the Olympics, Lochte has been on a whirlwind media tour and has been receiving plenty of acting offers from shows that are scrambling to improve their ratings. He will be making his acting debut on the show 90210 and has said that he will be competing on the next season of Dancing With the Stars.

The show that he is really interested in is ABC’s The Bachelor and if the network is serious about bringing him on the show they’re going to have to dig deep in their pocketbook. The gold-medal swimmer is asking for at least $750,000 to be the next single Bachelor getting to make out with 25 different girls and pretend to be in love with them. Ryan’s been very open about wanting to be the next star of The Bachelor, and his team has told producers that the number to just get everyone around the table would be $750,000, and that number could likely climb to $1 million very quickly if ABC is truly interested in him.

The Bachelor would be the perfect show for Lochte because even his mom said he doesn’t have time for anything more than one night stands and isn’t that what the show is really about? Here’s 25 different girls that are extremely attractive; now try and convince yourself that you’re in love with one of them and get married.

However, as much as he wants to do the show, he’s concerned about damaging his All-American image. He’s not sure how the show will portray him. I’m pretty sure that he would wreck that image within the first half-hour of the 2-hour season premiere and then be one of the most villainous reality stars of all time. I’m getting ahead of myself but anyone would tell you they are thinking the same thing.

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