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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lindsay lohan and burglary

Lindsay lohan and burglary, Lindsay Lohan has been accused of letting thieves into a Hollywood Hills home where she partied over the weekend, according to a new report.

Police were called to the multi-million dollar residence on Monday and apparently questioned the actress after jewellery was reported missing.

The 26-year old, who has not been named a suspect, has now been implicated by the owner of the home, who believes two men Lohan brought with her stole several expensive watches, the owner of the home, who has not been named, invited the actress to the all-night house party.

She is believed to have arrived with her brother Coy, her assistant and the two unnamed gentleman. The star is said to have left the residence at approximately noon on Monday after police questioning and had been 'very cooperative' with law enforcement officers.

Lohan reportedly denied having any involvement with the disappearance of the watches and a pair of sunglasses reported missing. the Los Angeles Police Department also also questioned other guests at the residence, spending three hours conducting the on-site investigation.

According to the website, the home is owned by a man described as 'a player on the Hollywood social scene' who 'likes to have famous friends'. The case remains under investigation.

However, this is not the first time Lindsay has been linked to jewellery theft.

Lindsay reportedly told law enforcement officers that she had nothing to do with the missing gems.

The actress was famously charged with shoplifting a necklace from a Venice jewellery store in February last year.

She was charged with misdemenour theft and probation violation, and was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service.

In addition, she was also ordered to remain under supervision whilst completing all of her community service.

The actress pleaded no contest in court, and was put under house arrest complete with ankle bracelet monitor due to jail overcrowding.

Lindsay was then later sentenced to 30 days in jail and 400 hours of community service in November, after she was found guilty of violating her probation because she failed to perform her community service at a Los Angeles morgue.

She entered jail on November 7, 2011, but was released after just under five hours, again due to overcrowding.

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