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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Suri Enrolled New School

Suri Enrolled New School - $40,000 a Year 'Avenues' in Chelsea, NYC Suri Cruise has been enrolled in a new school, new reports have claimed. Katie Holmes will have been concerned about where to put her daughter for first grade following her divorce from Suri's father, Tom Cruise, and it seems she has chosen Avenues, a private school in the Chelsea district of New York City.

It had been previously thought that Suri had been enrolled in a prestigious Catholic School in Manhattan. Sources had claimed that Katie Holmes had signed her daughter up to join the Convent of the Sacred Heart Catholic School. But it now appears she has opted for Avenues in Chelsea, NYC.

An Avenues' World spokesperson has refused to talk about potential new students, explaining to E! News, "It is our policy not to comment on any prospective or current student, parent and family members."
Avenues is located on 10th Avenue in the Landmark District of Chelsea. The school can be found in a historic building alongside New York's High Line. The campus is extravagant and these six year olds in first grade will certainly not go wanting.
The school prides itself on being an international institution, and is building up its New York campus as its flagship campus. The school has plans to build dozens more campuses in more than 20 cities across the world in key locations, so that traveling families can take their kids along with them as they globe trot and find a nearby school to make sure their kids keep up. Potential campuses are touted for Europe, India, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim and Central America.
The tuition at the school will be in excess of $40,000, but will include the cost of books and materials, as well as all field trips and transportation. However, those extraordinarily expensive books mean that the initial tuition fee does not cover snacks and uniform. Parents will be asked to pay an extra $2,000 as a mandatory payment for lunch, snacks, athletic uniforms and educational technology investments. Avenues is a uniform school and so Suri will not be able to don clothes from her multi-million dollar wardrobe.

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