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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gross Things Found In Food

Gross Things Found In Food

Food grossouts, We've all heard horror stories of disgusting things found in fast food. But it doesn't stop there. This week, an Air Canada passenger found a sewing needle in a catered sandwich served inflight. The claim oddly duplicates needle incidents on Delta flights just last month. Read through to see what else people are finding in everything from delivery pizza to jars of curry.

Lettuce stomp

A restaurant employee was fired after he posted a disturbing photo of himself online – in an undeniable pose.

Turkey treat

On four international flights, passengers bit into turkey sandwiches served by attendants, only to find themselves biting into needles instead.

Hash brown hazard

A man posted photos online after finding what looked to be deep-fried parts on the bottom half of his hash browns

Sandwich nightmare

A teen noticed something rubbery after biting into his Arby's roast beef sandwich.

Baked Band-Aid

In 2011, a New York man claimed he found a Band-Aid in the crust of his take-out pizza.

Kitchen prank

Employees posted a video online of one worker spitting in food, putting cheese in his nose before using it on a sandwich and more.

Curried delight

In 2009, a woman noticed her Tikka Masala sauce to be a bit lumpier than usual.

Soup disaster

While sipping French onion soup, a man bit into what he thought to be a tough piece of cheese, only to discover it was something else.

Fried failure

In 2000, a Virginia mom was treated to a bonus after purchasing fried chicken wings or her kids.

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