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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Man Finds Condom In French Onion Soup

Man Finds Condom In French Onion Soup - The mere thought of this makes me sick to my stomach… A California man, Philip Hodousek, had a surprise waiting for him when he tasted the “chewier-than-usual cheese” in his French onion soup! After moments of chewing the cheese, Hodousek discovered there was a condom in his soup.

Initially the chewy substance was thought to have been a rubber glove until the restaurant’s general manager untied the “rubber glove” and discovered it was a CONDOM!

Wait there’s more…

Hodousek took the condom to get tested and learned there wasDNA on the condom that didn’t belong to him or his wife! Woowwwww!

Needless to say Philip Hodousek and Claim Jumper restaurants reached an agreement for an undisclosed amount that “is not to be construed as an admission of liability by either party,” lawyers for both sides tell the Orange County Register.

Chile’ I know Philip and his family better be sitty “pretty” for the rest of their lives. Ugh…and I hope from now on they stay away from French onion soup!

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