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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stephan Feck Back Flops

Stephan Feck Back Flops - German diver Stephan Feck made an unfortunate mistake on Monday at the most unfortunate time possible during the 2012 Summer Olypmics.Feck took the common expression of "that was a flop" to a whole new level on Monday during the third round of the 3m springboard preliminaries. The diver was in 19th place before he stepped on the board for his third dive.

Feck approached the edge of the board, went for a high jump in the air, and began his flip in the air. But as brought his arms in to hold his legs in tight, he appears to miss a leg, which perhaps threw him off balance, but inevitably led to one massive flop.

Feck then went on to land with a flat back to the water, making a large slap and splash with legs splayed before he recovered and swim quickly to exit the pool. The disappointment on his face clear, Fleck travelled the seemingly long distance from mid pool to the side of the pool underwater before shaking his hair out and exiting the pool.

Two Olympic officials rushed to Fleck's side, apparently to make sure that nothing more than his pride had been injured. Fleck, however, walked away and headed for the wall, avoiding making eye contact with the camera.
"For me it was a big shock, I felt for him, he is a good friend. In his first Olympics it is something he won't want to remember." said fellow German diver Patrick Hausding according to TNT. In response, Feck received a 0.0 point score from the judge. The German was not alone, though. Jack Laugher of Great Britain, the youngest diver competing, also received a 0.0 score after his knees allegedly buckled. This was Feck's first Olympic games.

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