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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

mcdonald's curly fries

mcdonald's curly fries, There's no denying McDonald's sets the gold standard when it comes to straight fried potato-ey goodness, but are they ready to seize the short and curly market as well?
Apparently so, but only in the Philippines. Already a seasonal staple over there, McDonald's Philippines (locally known as McDo) is bringing back its popular "Twister Fries" for a limited time (a short run of only three weeks), in order to increase the product's value.

McDo Twister Fries are available a la carte for P60 or $1.43 USD.

Would love to see if these ever make it to the United States -- that way we can use our new Ketchup Fanning techniques in public.Fast food is considered by some to be the American way, and McDonald's seems to lead the pack. While fans know them for their traditional fries, burgers and chicken, there is a new menu item that people are buzzing about: McDonald's curly fries. Before you rush to your local location to grab these, however, you'd better hold up for a moment.

The idea of McDonald's curly fries may sound like the next great thing, but unless you are in the Philippines, you are apparently out of luck. According to WebProNews, the fries are being offered only in the Philippines, and only for about three weeks. Could they end up on menus in the States at some point? Perhaps, but it doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon. Fans can dream, however. It's not unusual for restaurants to offer up different menu items in different parts of the world, but this one is bumming out some fans of the chain. There is buzz on Twitter and across the net about these golden fries, so perhaps the big guys behind the golden arches will listen at some point. What do you think of the idea of McDonald's curly fries?

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