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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Many Baggy Pants Airplane Spirit

Many Baggy Pants Airplane Spirit - Man kicked off budget airlines flight for wearing 'inappropriate' baggy pants, A man wearing sagging pants was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight for his 'inappropriate' choice of clothing. The man, who has not been identified, was reportedly flying from Chicago, Illinois, to Orlando, Florida, with a female companion.
A flight attendant for the budget airline asked the man to pull up his pants but he refused.
‘It was to the point where his entire bottom was hanging out. And that’s not appropriate. We have a lot of customers on the plane, a lot of children on the plane,’ Spirit Airlines spokeswoman Misty Pinson told CBS Chicago.

‘Our flight attendant asked him if he would kindly pull (his pants) up so that they were at a more appropriate level.’
Pinson said the passenger’s trousers were below his bottom so his underwear was exposed, but no skin was showing. The man reportedly became unruly and intimidating after being informed about his ‘excessively low’ pants.
'He became aggressive with the flight crew,' Pinson told the channel. 'He threatened to smack the flight attendants.'
Law enforcement arrived and the man and his companion gathered their belongings and left. The pair boarded a later flight.
Summry: A man was booted from an Orlando-bound flight by Spirit Airlines personnel this week for having excessively baggy pants and for allegedly getting sassy with flight attendants. Here's a look at other people who have been booted from planes: -This rocker was also kicked off for having saggy pants. -A toddler who threw a tantrum after his iPad was taken away got his family kicked off a plane. -This Hollywood director was supposedly "too fat." -A man claimed was kicked off a plane after he asked for water for his pregnant wife. -This A-list actor was booted for refusing to stop playing Words With Friends. -A mother said she was removed from a plane for breast-feeding.

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