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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Celebrity Fashion Disasters

Celebrity Fashion Disasters - Many famous folks seem determined to prove the old adage that "money can't buy taste." One critic even built an entire career on it. Can you guess who committed the following biggest outfit fails?

Anna Faris, known by most people as the blonde from Scary Movie, is certainly scary with this interesting dress she wore for the 2012 Academy Awards. For those that don’t recognize her, she played the role of Cindy Campbell in the first four movies from the Scary Movie series and it is also rumored that she will play the role in the 5th movie which is said to appear in 2013. She also appeared alongside animated stars such as Yogi Bear and lent her voice for two of the movies starring Alvin and the Chipmunks as Jeanette. Her acting career is filled with family movies that are meant to bring joy and laughter which characterize her very well. She looks great, has a big sense of humor and an overall good sense of fashion.

Talking about fashion, let’s get back to the matter at hand; this black dress. Black is not really the best way to describe it, shiny, sparkly or even flashy would be better but the problems don’t stop there. The dress doesn’t really have any shape, it doesn’t hug the body, nor does it appear elegant, it is just a piece of material. This is really a big shame because the young actress looks great and has a nice body so a good dress shouldn’t be that hard to find, especially for the Academy Awards. Aside from having no lines, it is also a bit too long and probably quite uncomfortable, a fashion disaster at its best.

She does look very adorable once you get past the dress so there is still chance for her to come back in style at future big events. It is certain that she will manage to pull it off as long as she goes for something sexier while still keeping it young and fresh. As far as her movie career goes, there are quite a few movies that are set to appear in the next couple of years where we will get to see the funny actress performing for her fans. She did win the CinemaCon Comedy Star of the Year Award in 2012.

Since when it became ok for celebrities to wear nothing but a tablecloth tied around their bodies? We are talking of course about that pattern that belongs a picnic table and the material that make it resistant to stains; no the best adjectives to describe a fashionable dress. We do see Amy Lee giving it a chance at the MTV EMA and the result is as you would expect, disastrous. Aside from the design and the color, the dress doesn’t have any shape, it doesn’t fit her perfectly, it is just tied up around here; a small detail that can be seen on her shoulder where the corners of the tablecloth meet. The black leather boots do give a certain rebellious touch to the outfit but it is uncertain if they help the look or actually damage it even more.

The American singer is the co-founder and the lead vocalist of the band Evanescence, a rock band that has gotten a lot of attention in previous years for their unique style. Aside from singing with her band, she also had numerous projects with other big names such as Korn and David Hodges. She was named the Hottest Chick in Hard Rock in the year 2011 by Revolver Magazine; an issue which had her on the cover. It is safe to say that she looks amazing that she would benefit a lot from a different outfit that goes with her style but is also more fashionable.

There are now three albums produced by Evanescence although the band went through some changes over time. The hits from these albums got the band quite a few awards which include Best Vocalist for Amy in 2012 awarded by Revolver Golden Gods.

Talented and beautiful with a fashion sense that could use some work but there is potential. There is no talk about a froth album coming out from Evanescence but we hope to see Amy Lee performing as future music events. There is also the possibility of her releasing a solo album but things are still unclear as she said that there are songs that didn’t make it in the last album.

Fashion can be a very sensitive notion and there is always a thin line between looking amazing and simply wearing something that doesn’t work. Some fashion disasters can be seen from a mile away while other are a bit more subtle but still clear enough for people to see that something went wrong. A good example of a more subtle fashion disaster was Amanda Peet and the dress she wore for the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. The “cake like” dress, as it was described by some fashion critics, was designed by Marc Jacobs but it just didn’t work well and did look a lot like a white wedding cake; not really the best idea when looking for a stylish outfit for a big formal event. There are too many layers that dangle above each other and while a white, one-shoulder dress designed by Marc Jacobs sounds great on paper, the results were very disastrous.

If you are not familiar with the beauty wearing the dress, she is an American actress mostly known for starring in Identity, A Lot Like Love and 2012. She also appeared in the series Jack & Jill as well as in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Her career began with television commercials, grew with small roles and then moved on to the big screen with big Hollywood names. She is very talented as an actress and looks amazing at the age of 40 so it is very surprising to see her name on a fashion disasters list but these things can happen. A subtle mistake from time to time makes all the other good outfits look even better.

While the dress itself isn’t working for her, we have to say that she is trying to pull it off as best she can. The simple hair style and light makeup surely add more style to the look and she looks great if not for the dress. 2013 brings us a new movie starring Amanda Peet, Identity Thief, directed by Seth Gordon so we will get the chance to see more of this gorgeous actress, hopefully in better outfits.

If you don’t know who Taylor Momsen is you are probably over 20 years old and don’t watch girly TV-shows; for the rest of the world, Taylor Momsen is definitely a big celebrity. Unfortunately, her fashion sense isn’t boosting as fast as her career move since she managed to shock everybody with the outfit we see in this picture.

I was confused seeing this, not knowing if Marylin Manson went blonde and started enjoying Starbucks. She seems to be out of a death metal video or a female version of the murderer from Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. I don’t even know where to begin describing this outfit, because everything is wrong; well, at least she has nice shiny hair so that makes things a little bit better. She also has the ripped punk stockings, which combined with those boots will make any black metal band jealous. Her leather jacket is pretty nice, if she actually owned a chopper and was part of a gang of motorcyclists with long mustaches. But she is just a very young celebrity who plays a role in a very high-fashion TV show called Gossip Girl, so it’s pretty shocking to see her dressed this way.

And who chooses that outfit when they go for a coffee at Starbucks? Aren’t you supposed to dress normal for your everyday activities? Or is going at Starbucks just a way to shock everybody you encounter? She should have thought about the small children who will have nightmares after seeing her dressed like that.

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