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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld Very Famous Cat Two Maids

Karl Lagerfeld Very Famous Cat Two Maids - Karl Lagerfeld has a cat. Her name is Choupette, and you’ve probably seen her lounging by the tub and playing with an iPad. Perhaps you’ve even read about her love of books! Just in case you had any doubt that she was the world’s fanciest cat, Karl is here to set the record straight. This is what the Kaiser had to tell Women’s Wear about his favorite feline:

K.L.: A very famous white Siamese cat, Choupette. She is a famous beauty. She is nine months old. [Model] Baptiste [Giaconi] gave her to me for Christmas to watch for two weeks when he was away but then I refused to give her back.
I thought she was too cute. She is like a kept woman. She has a strong personality. She has lunch and dinner with me on the table, with her own food. She doesn’t touch my food. She doesn’t want to eat on the floor. She sleeps under a pillow and she even knows how to use an iPad. She has two personal maids, for both night and day. She is beyond spoiled.

So, he stole her from Baptiste? And she has two more maids than we do? Cool. Also:

WWD: Could your next book be about cats then?
K.L.: Why not? We do keep a diary. When I am not there, the maids take down, in little books, everything she did, from what she ate, to how she behaved, if she was tired, and if she wasn’t sleeping. In the nine months, we already have almost 600 pages. Colette had written a lot about cats. I am not Colette, but I think it could be funny to make a little book of Choupette’s diary.
A 600-page diary is a very normal thing for a cat! However, Karl would never dress Choupette up because that would just be too bougie: “No, I don’t like animals in human clothes. I think that’s very circuslike.” Fair enough.

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