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Monday, August 13, 2012

luke perry 90210

luke perry 90210, Original 90210 cast Jennie Garth, Luke Perry and Jason Priestley go back to Beverly Hills High for latest Old Navy adThey were once the most adored characters on television.
Now, four of the stars from Beverly Hills, 90210 have reprised their roles, sort of, in three new commercials for clothing retailer Old Navy.Jennie Garth's Kelly, Jason Priestley's Brandon, Luke Perry's Dylan and Gabrielle Carteris' Andrea all star in the witty new ads which include a scene where Ms Garth, 40, is asked to
choose between the two men - obviously referring to one of the Nineties most watched love triangles.Playing 'a teacher in great fitting jeans', as the ad's voice over states, Ms Garth 'wanted more' and didn't want to 'choose between favourites'.
Cue the arrival of 'Dylan' and 'Brandon'; the former pulling his beloved motorcycle out of a locker and the latter clutching onto a giant stuffed teddy bear.Naturally, the bubbly blonde, who filed for divorce from Twilight actor Peter Facinelli on March 28, leaves fans guessing once again.
'I choose jeans - all of them', she says in her signature sweet voice.
The two men then appear in a further shot looking puzzled by her choice, glancing at each other in confusion.
It is the first time we've seen the three actors together since 1998, when they were all still apart of the incredibly popular show's cast.
A further ad stars Mr Priestley once again only this time, he is joined by Ms Carteris, who played a geeky but loyal character who was in love with Brandon.
It seems that her high school crush lasted well into her later life as she is seen to be smitten with her old friend in the new ad.As one of their students walks past, Ms Carteris, 51, says to her 'colleague': 'I love the new girl's outfit... and I love you'.
Mr Priestley, who is crunching down on an apple behind her, responds: 'What?'
But just like she once did, 'Andrea' covers her confession up, telling him: 'Nothing... outfit.'
Mr Priestley, who stars in the Canadian HBO series Call Me Fitz, then stars in an ad of his own where he offers a tutorial in how to battle school bullies as children head back to school.
Ms Garth, now a reality star, had posted a photograph of herself and her two male co-stars to Twitter last month.
'Me and some guys you might recognize,' she tweeted - her account has now attracted 186,000 followers.Last year, the Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country star sat on Mr Priestley's lap during a segment on Access Hollywood where she said catching up with him was always easy whenever they ran into each other as they still feel close.
The handsome Canadian actor also reunited with Mr Perry last year for an episode of Lopez Tonight.
Mr Priestley had directed the Hallmark Movie Channel Western called Goodnight for Justice that Mr Perry had also executive-produced.

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