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Monday, August 13, 2012

743 pounds marijuana septic tank truck

743 pounds marijuana septic tank truck, Pounds Of Pot In Septic Truck Discovered: 743 Pounds Of Marijuana Found In ArizonaInvestigators found out 700 pounds of marijuana which was stuffed in a septic truck that was full of human waste, the Arizona policereported. 743 pounds of pot were hidden in the holding tank which are worth $409,000. According to police, an officer found it out on Wednesday when he discovered the number plate of the septic tank truck was invalid. The truck was stopped near Tuscon, Arizona.

The spokesperson of Arizona Department of Public Safety, Bart Graves reportedly said the police patrolling that area are careful as the interstate that leads to Mexico is one of the prominent areas where drug exchange and human trafficking takes place. As the car was halted it was found out that the driver, Leonard Salcido, a 24-year-old did not have a valid license. After thorough search, bales of marijuana was found in orange and red packages inside the waste. He was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana for sale and transportation of it, the police reported.
Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesperson, Bart Graves also said people can go up to any extent in order to hide drugs. He said earlier drugs were found inside watermelon or covered inside bell peppers. This time it was discovered in human waste. These incidents are common in Arizona. Bart Graves pointed out in the year 2008, more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana were found out by police from a fake UPS truck. Wednesday’s discovery of marijuana from the human waste is not a unique occurrence in that place. However, the police has become very careful while checking the vehicles.

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