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Monday, August 13, 2012

Famous left-handed people (PHOTOS)

Famous left-handed people

Famous left-handed people - About 260 million people in the world are left-handed. If you're among them, you're in excellent company: Artistic genius Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed. So was baseball legend Babe Ruth. Read through to guess which A-list actors, political leaders and athletes are southpaws.

NASA astronauts

The clues: His walk on the surface of the moon won him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. More recently, he appeared on "Dancing With the Stars"  and is very fit and limber despite his age.

NBA superstar

The clues: A longtime basketball star, this NBA veteran  was also a member of the original Olympic Dream Team . He also appeared in the movies "Space Jam" and "Celtic Pride."

1980s movie star

The clues: This actor won our hearts back in 1986 with a cult classic . Now known mostly for his theater work, he has won two Tony Awards. He recently spoofed a past role in a Super Bowl commercial

Living U.S. president

The clues: He's the oldest surviving commander in chief and marked his 85th birthday in a risky way

British royalty

The clues: Before marrying in 2011, this prince  was one of the world’s top bachelors.

British leader

The clues: Prime minister of the United Kingdom, he calls a famous address his home  with his wife and kids

Commander in chief

The clues: He hails from a small town and made headlines  during his presidency. He's known for his love of jazz  and walked his only child down the aisle in a million-dollar affair

Baseball Hall of Famer

The clues: Considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time, this lefty spent 22 seasons with a Midwest team . He set 90 Major League Baseball records before he died

Famous Scientologist

The clues: First famous for starring in a 1983 hit , this A-list actor was recently surprised with some alarming news

The Golden Boy

The clues: This 39-year-old Mexican-American boxer won world titles  in six different divisions and Olympic gold

Founding Father of the United States

The clues: Most famous for a kite experiment discovery  this lefty also invented bifocals and swim fins. His famous saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," originally referred to fire prevention.

Top Supreme Court justice

The clues: Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court in the early 1990s , this lefty is only the second female justice  to take the oath and is currently the eldest justice on the court


The clues: A power hitter of the 1990s, this baseball star is ranked among the best defensive outfielders of all time. His father was also a MLB player

Ice skating legend

The clues: She is one of America’s best-loved Olympic athletes ever since she won 1976 Olympic gold

Legendary guitarist

The clues: This rock guitar phenomenon electrified crowds during the 1960s but died of drug-related complications .

Activist actress

The clues: This Oscar-winning actress is well-known for her humanitarian work and even better known for her big family

Major League Baseball outfielder

The clues: This lefty played in the outfield for several MLB teams, including the Atlanta Braves, the Cleveland Indians, the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics. When his MLB career ended, he moved on to the YES Network as a game analyst.

Famous presidential son

The clues: At one time the youngest child to live in the White House, he worked as an attorney and then published his own political magazine  He and his wife died tragically  in 1999.

NASCAR driver

The clues: Nicknamed "Ironman," this lefty is part of a well-known NASCAR family: His brother and son are both NASCAR drivers.

Republican Senator

The clues: A U.S. Senator  this lefty and his running mate  earned fame in his race for the presidency.

Former Beatle

The clues: Pop music royalty, this lefty has been knighted and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His recent marriage to a much younger woman made headlines.

Former tennis superstar

The clues: This temperamental tennis star won his share of Grand Slam titles . He is as famous for his tantrums on the court as for his victories. Today, he is a commentator for NBC and CBS.

Renaissance artist

The clues: He painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and is the namesake for a well-known cartoon character

Tennis star

The clues: This Spanish tennis player  has won the French Open a record number of times

National leader

The clues: Born in Hawaii, this man's mother was from Kansas and his father hailed from Kenya. He is famous for a first in the White House

Elder statesman of basketball

The clues: Born in 1934, he joined the historic March on Washington . A Boston Celtics star, he was an NBA MVP five times.

Standup comedian

The clues: This comedian and actor is known for his wildly popular TV sitcom . The series won numerous awards and coined many widely used phrases

American singer-songwriter

The clues: This influential musician’s works include "The Sound of Silence" and "Mrs. Robinson." He's a Grammy award winner  and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

Action movie star

The clues: He got his big break in the TV series "Moonlighting" . Since then, he has starred in many hit movies, including "Die Hard," "The Sixth Sense" and "Pulp Fiction."

Media maven

The clues: One of the most powerful individuals in show business, she owns a TV network , hosted an immensely popular talk show for more than 20 years and runs a magazine named after her 

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