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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Guilty Pleasures OF The Famous

Guilty Pleasures OF The Famous - From a decadent dessert or fast-food feast to a pop-culture phenomenon, the famous don't fall short when it comes to guilty indulgences. See what secret delights some of your favorite athletes, authors, politicians and entertainers admit to taking pleasure in behind closed doors.
Mario Batali

The co-host of the cooking show "The Chew" said this about his favorite snack:"I especially like the lime-flavored ones with chili."

The British musician's secret vice is a holiday film starring a "Saturday Night Live" veteran
Anthony Bourdain

This traveling chef with an adventurous palate won't have to travel far to satisfy his yearning for a cheesy fast-food delight.
Ann Brashares

The author behind "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" series takes pleasure in a 1977 best-selling novel by an Australian author that was adapted into a TV miniseries in the 1980s.
David Chang

The James Beard award-winning chef and restaurateur takes comfort in a deep-fried treat from a specific fast-food joint.
Bill Clinton

Chicken, green chilies and cheddar cheese are a few of the ingredients in the recipe for this former president’s favorite dish.
Tom Colicchio

Perhaps the "Top Chef" judge would be slightly less critical of the contestants' dishes if they prepared his favorite smoky cured treat.
Cat Cora

When the "Iron Chef" isn't creating five-star dishes, she's satisfying her appetite for a salty, nutty and sweet combo.
Nelson DeMille

The thriller novelist's choice for leisure reading is sure to point you in the right direction between the lines of the reportedly entertaining and politically incorrect text.
Junot Diaz

The 2008 Pulitzer Prize-winning fiction novelist raves about an 18-volume Japanese comic and considers its author a national treasure in Japan.
Bobby Flay

Chef Flay enjoys his sinful indulgence served alongside cakes and pies, in banana splits, in sundaes or by itself.
Gerald Ford

The clues: The 38th U.S. president reportedly shared the same thirst-quenching cocktail craving as Queen Elizabeth II.
Rivka Galchen

The "Atmospheric Disturbances" novelist admits to happily flipping through a reprint of a 1936 "how to" book that would have made June Cleaver proud.
Kim Glass

When the Olympic athlete isn't serving aces on the volleyball court, she's serving extra helpings of her favorite breakfast food vice.
Alex Guarnaschelli

The Food Network star rarely neglects her craving for a crème-filled cookie sandwiched between her favorite ranch-flavored snacks.
Thomas Keller

This chef prefers to indulge in the creamy variety of his favorite treat, which he incorporates into the menu of his bicoastal bakery.
Reed Kessler

The youngest rider in US Olympic show-jumping team history cures her sweet tooth with a treat that is often showcased in both savory and sweet dishes.
Ashton Kutcher

The comedic actor came clean about his affinity for a popular reality show that stars self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes.
Nigella Lawson

For this English food writer, it's not about what she eats, but where she eats.
Aimee Mann

The former 'Til Tuesday standout isn't afraid to admit that she takes pleasure in catching up on past and present Hollywood scandals.
David Maraniss

The author and newspaper associate editor said this about his literary find: "I was lost in New York City's world of cops, bartenders and punks, and Price had me deep inside the mixed-up brains of all of them."
Richard Nixon

His preferred presidential cocktail was reportedly invented in Havana, Cuba during the Spanish-American War.
Elvis Presley

The "King of Rock 'n' Roll" indulged in a stove-top pan-fried sandwich filled with fruit, meat, and a nutty spread.
Gordon Ramsay

The tough-as-nails chef admits he has a hankering for unhealthy treats, particularly those of the multiflavored chewy variety.
Amy Sedaris

This comedian takes pleasure in a fashion accessory that most women relish but takes her fetish a step further by coveting and displaying the packaging.
Jessica Simpson

The new mom had this to say about her guilty pleasure: "The first time I ever chewed a piece … one of my close friends' mother gave it to me … I was chewing it and it was like a party in my mouth. It was like fireworks."
Harry S. Truman

The 33rd U.S. president took pleasure in his favorite casserole on "Meatless Monday" to support the effort to end widespread famine in Europe as a result of World War II.
Herschel Walker

The former NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner uses his guilty pleasure fictional find to bond with his son.

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