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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gerald Ford Michigan Jersey

Gerald Ford Michigan Jersey - The Michigan football program’s plan to honor its legends by having current players wear their jerseys apparently will continue this season with former President Gerald Ford’s retired No. 48. Michigan coach Brady Hoke made the announcement while answering a fan’s question about the storied No. 1 jersey on Birmingham, Ala., radio stations WJOX-FM and WJOX-AM.

“I think (the No. 1 will be brought out) in the near future, but I can’t tell you it will be this season,” Hoke said. “That’s something that we’re doing a lot of thinking about. We’re honoring Desmond Howard now with one of our players who really deserves it, and that’s (receiver) Roy Roundtree wearing No. 21. We’re going to do the same with Gerald Ford’s jersey this year. We’re looking at doing it.”

Michigan did not reveal any other details about the releasing of Ford’s No. 48, which was retired at a game Oct. 8, 1994, and is believed to be the first of Michigan’s five retired numbers (honoring different seven players) to re-enter circulation.

If Hoke has ruled out a Wolverines player wearing the No. 1 jersey this year, that means senior quarterback Denard Robinson won’t get the chance to wear it. Former Michigan receiver Braylon Edwards suggested to the Free Press in the spring that Robinson could be the first nonreceiver to wear the number in modern times.

Ford is the only U.S. president to graduate from Michigan. He was the Wolverines’ MVP in 1934, his third season on the varsity squad. That earned him a spot in Jan. 1, 1935, Shrine game and another all-star game against the Chicago Bears later in 1935.

Ford, from Grand Rapids and a member of the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame, later earned a law degree from Yale, became the minority leader of the House of Representatives, ascended to vice president after Spiro Agnew’s resignation and became the president when Richard Nixon resigned in August 1974. He served until Jimmy Carter was sworn in as his successor in 1977.

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