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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gerald Ford Presidential Cocktail Gin And Tonic

Gerald Ford Presidential Cocktail Gin And Tonic - Gin started life in the early 17th century in Holland, although claims have been made that it was produced prior to this in Italy. WC Fields would start the day with two double martinis, enjoyedeither side of his breakfast. He drank about two quarts of gin a day.Every Gin brand has its own unique fragrance; most consumers haveprobably only tasted a small number of the gin brands available.

Inours there are more than 140 different Gin brands, from 15different countries; offering a wide spectrum of fragrances, usingdifferent botanicals and infusion methods in all shapes and sizes.Gin is distilled differently. Premium Gins are distilled 3 to 5 times toremove impurities; each brand has a unique formula that providesits special characteristics.The favorite drink of former President Gerald Ford is Gin and Tonic.

Not to mention the rather famous line “shaken, not stirred”Gin is the only alcohol liquor that was first developed as a medicineremedy before it became popular as a social drink.”Mother’s Ruin” a term that came from British soldiers taste for Ginwhen home on leave from the World War II, and the maternal stateit induced in the women who shared their off-duty conviviality.William of Orange prohibited the importing of alcohol to England inthe early 18th Century encouraging the production andconsumption of English Gin.

The excessive consumption thatfollowed gave rise to the name Gin Craze.In Holland Gin was produced as a medicine and sold in chemistshops to treat stomach complaints, gout and gallstones.

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