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Monday, July 9, 2012

Uruguay marijuana legalization

Uruguay marijuana legalization, Uruguay looks to legalize and sell marijuana, Concluding that the drug war is unwinnable and hoping to take illicit-drug profits out of criminals' hands, Uruguay's government is proposing to legalize and sell marijuana. Uruguay's action, if approved, would make it the first country to directly sell cannabis to citizens, a far step above other countries like the Netherlands' decriminalization policies.

Uruguay Marijuana Legalization Proposal To Be Presented To Congress, Uruguay's president has made it clear that his plan for legalizing marijuana in the South American nation does not mean he favors legalizing any other illicit drugs.

President Jose Mujica said in an interview Thursday with Colombia's RCN radio network that he does not yet know when his government will present Uruguay's Congress with the legislative proposal. Mujica's party dominates Congress.

He says the plan is for the government to sell marijuana at a cheap and reasonable price then monitor what each consumer uses. The idea is to take drug profits out of the hands of criminals.

Mujica says that while drug addiction is a medical problem, drug trafficking is an unwinnable police problem.

Uruguay would be the world's first nation to sell marijuana directly.

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