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Monday, July 9, 2012

Thomas Daigle

Thomas Daigle, Massachusetts Man, Pays Off Mortgage With Pennies, A Massachusetts man who pledged to make the last mortgage payment on his home with pennies has fulfilled that promise.

After warning his bank, Thomas Daigle dropped off about 62,000 pennies weighing 800 pounds in two boxes for the final payment on the Milford home he and his wife, Sandra, bought in 1977.

He started saving his pennies when he moved in. Man pays off mortgage with 800 pounds of pennies

Milford, Mass., optician Thomas Daigle says he vowed long ago to make the final mortgage payment on his home in pennies; and now he's done it, turning over some 800 pounds of pennies to Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association (how many pennies is that?). The 60-year-old man says he began collecting pennies 35 years ago and he notes that completing the goal proves he's "a man of my word"

The optician says his wife laughed whenever he would pick up a penny he found on the ground and say it was going to the mortgage.

Daigle says he's just glad to have the coins out of his house.

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