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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

'Footy Show' proposal rejection

'Footy Show' proposal rejection - A proposal rejection video that went viral over a year ago was definitely a prank, according to a closely affiliated source.
The "Footy Show," which is a show about Australian rules football, ran a segment which critics dubbed the "proposal rejection" where a man took to a stage before a live audience to propose to his surprised girlfriend of three years.
A spokesperson for Channel 9, the network which broadcasts the show, later confirmed that the proposal was a stunt, according to
"It was a set up to have a go at Fatty (host Paul Vautin) because it was his 50th birthday on Tuesday. He wasn't in on it," the spokesperson said in a statement.

However, prior to that confirmation many viewers were left assuming that the proposal was genuine and could not help but pity the aspiring groom "Peter" whose supposed girlfriend "Katherine" left him red-faced after rejecting his marriage proposal.
"Ladies and gentleman prepare yourselves, we have one person in the crowd...his name is Peter and he has something he wants to tell you all. What is it you'd like to say?" Vautin starts out by saying.

"Ummm. Right happy birthday first. I've got a special girl here tonight I've been seeing...aaahhh Katherine. Been together about 3 years now, and yeah I wanna sorta go the next step...ahhh ask her to be my wife," a nervous Peter says as he pulls out a tiny box.
As the audience begins to cheer him on, he begins to lower himself on a bended knee despite the fact that a reluctant Katherine can be seen briefly shaking her head.
"Ah Katherine, will you make me the happiest man on earth and be my wife?" Peter asks.
"What are you doing? You can't do this right now!" a mortified looking Katherine whispers.
"Just say yes!" Peter urges, his words bear no affect and Katherine can be seen running off the stage crying.
The stunned audience grows silent as an awkward Peter is helped up off the floor as he explains his torment.
"I told my Mom to record it...let me call my Dad to make sure he doesn't record it," an embarrassed Peter says before exiting the stage.

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