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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Conservationists Hitler Olympic Village

Conservationists Hitler Olympic Village - Conservationists are racing to save the crumbling remnants of a village on the western edge of Berlin, Germany, that was built for athletes of the 1936 Olympics – often called the "Nazi Games". Only 25 of the site's original 145 buildings remain after being abandoned by Soviet forces in 1992, and some see the complex – despite its infamy – as an important historical location that's worth protecting.

But the athlete’s accommodation has been largely left to rot since it had been abandoned by Soviet forces in 1992 with only 25 of the 145 original buildings remaining, including the crumbling swimming pool, gym, theatre and dining hall.

Jens Becker from the DKB Bank, which owns the site, talked about the ongoing struggle to save the historic site.

“This is the oldest Olympic village that exists and that is why it is important to save it. It is a part of German history which nearly disappeared and now we are trying to save it,” the Daily Mail quoted Becker as telling The Times.

“It was the first permanent Olympic village. The athletes were impressed – each house had its own steward and there had never been a swimming pool before at an Olympic village,” he said.

Around 4,000 athletes including Great Britain’s 208-strong squad had taken part in the Games in the summer of 1936 as Europe teetered on the brink of war.

Hitler had looked on with delight as his German “supermen” lived up to his dreams of glory, winning the Games with a medal count of nearly 90; Great Britain came tenth with just 14 medals.

The only real slap in the face for the Fuhrer had been the success of America’s black track-and-field athlete Jesse Owens.

He won four gold medals and had been the star of the Games in the world’s eyes even if Hitler regarded him as inferior because of his colour.

Owens’s tiny room No 5, in block 39 is so far the only athlete’s room that has been renovated.

A short walk from his quarters lies the ‘Restaurant of the Nations,’ the eating hall for the athletes.

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