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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guinness: Most Expensive Cocktail 27.321

Guinness: Most Expensive Cocktail 27.321 - The most expensive cocktail commercially available is “27.321″, costing 27,321 United Arab Emirates Dirham (£3,766.52, US$7,439) and featuring on the menu of The Skyview Bar of Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The cocktail is an ultra-luxury version of the traditional ‘old fashioned’, consisting of 55 year-old Macallan whisky, ice made from the water used at their distillery, an exclusive ‘dried fruit bitters’ and passionfruit-scented sugar. It can only be prepared by a qualified mixologist, and is stirred using a stirring rod made from a Macallan cask.

Served in a glass produced in the French town of Baccarat that is emblazoned with 18 karat gold and the Burl Al Arab logo, which customers get to keep. A limited run of only ten (10) are on sale, with at lease 2 already sold.

If you frequently enjoy going out on the town for drinks, then you are probably familiar with paying too much for cocktails. Even so, the price of the most expensive cocktail in the world may surprise some, but won’t set back a high roller.

An original Trader Vic’s Mai Tai is the most expensive cocktail in the world, if you can afford £750 per cocktail then head on over to the Merchant Hotel in Belfast in Northern Ireland. This Mai Tai is made from 17-year-old Wray and Nephew Rum used by trader Vic Bergeron to create the original Mai Tai over sixty years ago.

Even though the 750ml bottle of rum looks nondescript, the rum fetches £26,000 per bottle. A rare batch of the 17-year-old rum was recently acquired with one bottle being purchased by Merchant’s Bar. So far, only three of the world’s most expensive cocktails have been made. The drinks are served with only £750 ($1480) added to your tab.

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