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Friday, May 4, 2012

Zoo lion toddler

Zoo lion toddler

Zoo lion toddler, Zoo lion mistakes toddler for zebra?, Video of what looks like a hungry lioness at a zoo  trying to eat a toddler has gone viral  In the video, the animal is seen scratching and clawing at the child  but -- thanks to very thick glass separating the two -- the lion never actually touched the toddlerA Wellington toddler's close encounter with a lion has captivated audiences around the world.

Bloggers and news sites have compared the video of three-year-old Sofia Walker facing the giant cat to a scene from The Chronicles of Narnia, praising the little girl for her courage.
The footage shows the toddler standing before Wellington's Zoo's male lion Malik, as he claws at thick glass to try to scare her away from his food.Sofia, unfazed, continues to stand on the viewing platform, pausing only to ask her mother a question.
"What's he telling me, mama?" Sofia asks.
Her mother replies "He's telling you to get down."

Wellington toddler Sofia Walker facing down male lion Malik at Wellington Zoo. Photo: Sharon Walker
The video, posted on January 4, has been seen around the world.
It has run on the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, The Sun, and the New York Daily News, among others.
Sofia's father Julian Walker said the latest email he had received was from the Ellen DeGeneres show, which wanted to use the clip.
"It's absolutely ridiculous," Mr Walker said.
"I think if you search now you'll find 57 news sites that have the video. We've had emails from Germany, Sweden, and the US are just picking up on it now."

Wellington toddler Sofia Walker facing down male lion Malik at Wellington Zoo. Photo: Sharon Walker
Mr Walker said the family had been surprised at some of the negative feedback, both about the zoo and his daughter, but were trying to ignore it.
"There's also been some really lovely comments, the ones saying it's a scene reminiscent of Lucy and [the talking lion] Aslan from Narnia."
Mr Walker said Sofia did not really understand what was going on, although he cut out some newspaper articles to show her.
"She just says, 'Oh look that's me in the paper' but she doesn't really get it.
"I guess that's why it was so popular, she was just so unaware. It would have been totally different if she was banging on the glass but she was just standing there."
Since the original story ran on the and Dominion Post websites, the video has received more than 95,000 hits.
Before that, it had only 300 views.
Mr Walker said he was grateful the video had helped Wellington Zoo get publicity.
That is all that kept a female lion from attacking and eating an oblivious toddler sitting on the other side of a window pane at the Oregon Zoo, the Canadian Broadcasting Company reported.
The youngster in the striped sweatshirt seen in the below video eventually notices the big cat clawing and biting feverishly at the glass but seems largely unfazed.
He clearly did not understand how close he came to becoming a feline's afternoon snack. His family, also unconcerned, laughs while the camera rolls.

Officials at the zoo said the boy's striped sweater may have made him look like a small zebra to the lion, tricking him into thinking it was feeding time, the CBC wrote.
A video of a little boy's visit to the lion exhibit at the Oregon Zoo has been getting quite a bit of attention.

The 1-year old, named Jack, is dressed in a striped jacket that looked a little like a zebra, and the lioness behind him is quite intrigued.

She appears to be trying to take a swipe at him.

Of course, the thick glass between the lion and the little boy protects him from any harm.

Jack's mother, Heather, can be heard giggling as her son appears unfazed.

Zookeepers said it's not uncommon for the lions to interact with little kids peering through the glass at their exhibit.

"She's using a typical prey behavior," explained Oregon Zoo Director Kim Smith.

She added that the zoo has gotten a number of emails from people concerned about the lioness' behavior.

She assured them it was natural behavior for a wild cat and the boy was never in any danger.
During a recent trip to the Oregon zoo, a piece of glass was the only thing that stood between a 400lb lioness and a cute baby named Jack. Now it’s unclear in the video below whether the Kya, the zoo’s normally lazy lioness, has mistaken baby Jack as one of her cubs, or if she is trying to grab a quick bite for lunch. Based on baby Jack’s outfit, it may very well be the latter.

Even though there is a glass barrier standing between cuteness and disaster, some folks are criticizing the parents for leaving baby Jack in a potentially dangerous position for a YouTube photo op. While I can’t argue with anyone who may feel that way, it’s still pretty cool when the kid turns around and calls the lion “kitty kitty” … like a boss.

Is the lioness using maternal instinct or primal instinct? Were the parents wrong for leaving baby Jack in potentially “dangerous” position, or are others simply overreacting?

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