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Friday, May 4, 2012

Top 10 Beastie Boys tracks

Top 10 Beastie Boys tracks

Top 10 Beastie Boys tracks - Remembering Adam 'MCA' Yauch: Top 10 Beastie Boys tracks, As the sad news of Beastie Boys founding member Adam "MCA" Yauch's death continues to sink in, here are links to 10 of the B-Boys' greatest hits. Top Ten Songs by the Beastie Boys, Creativity and Adaptability. The two key ingredients to the staying power of the AdRock, Mike D and MCA, better known as the Beastie Boys. In a career lasting almost twenty years the Beastie Boys have done a little bit of everything, and almost always successfully. Whether it is playing their own instruments, filming clever music videos or creating alter-egos like Nathaniel Hornblower, the Beastie Boys are always looking for new ways to entertain.

They have seen both commercial success (License to Ill, Ill Communication) and critical success (Paul's Boutique). Like other creative artists, including Beck and Ben Harper, their style can not be naiiled down to one genre. While their musical style evolves, their sense of humor is always present. With six albums plus numerous remixes, bootlegs and other live treasures, it's tough to settle on their ten best songs. In order to cull the list to ten songs, a few rules were needed.
Rule one: Commercial success is ignored. The list will feature some of the Beastie Boys' bigger hits, but not solely on commercial merit.

Rule two: I place high value in clever and smart writing (mainly because I don't produce much myself). Pass the Mic is a solid song, but when you rhyme commercial with um, commercial, that loses points. This is one of the group's definite strengths.

Rule three: How does the song last over the years? Fight for Your Right was a great Party song in its day and received heavy airplay, but it's really not near their best song. Most of the songs on License to Ill, while a landmark album, don't sound that great today. Songs with staying power are the ones the stick on the list.

10. Gratitude - (Check Your Head)-Check Your Head marked the return of the Beastie Boys playing their own instruments, and this is their best example. Sabotage might be better known as a rock song, but Gratitude is every bit as good with a catchy bass-line.

9. Skills to Pay the Bills (So Whatcha Want Single)-Because it was not included on the Check Your Head disc, it is a very underrated song. It's good a nice quick pace to it and in typical Beastie Boys fashion their rhymes flow well together.

8. Benny and the Jets (Sounds of Science)-It's actually just Biz Markie covering Elton John, but it's hilarious and on the B-Boys greatest hits CD. Markie also makes cameos on other tracks, but nothing like his rambling, sometimes inaudible style on "Jets".

7. Alive (Sounds of Science)-The only new song on their Anthology set. It's more hip hop than previous efforts, which laid the foundation for their next disc To the 5 Burroughs. The good news is it's still fun and less preachy than 5 Burroughs.

6. Hey Ladies (Paul's Boutique)-Long before More Cowbell meant something, the B-Boys used it with great success in Hey Ladies.

5. Rhyming and Stealing-Taking the drum beat from Led Zeppelin's When the Levee Breaks, the Beastie Boys first track on their debut album actually became one of their strongest. Other songs on the album were more popular at the time, but Rhyming and Stealing mixes a rock track with the Beastie's skillful rhymes and less obnoxiously than their other efforts of the time.

4. Get it Together (Ill Communication)-With Q-Tip supplying additional lyrics, the chemistry is strong. Finishing each other's rhymes is a trademark of the Beastie Boys and Get it Together is one of their finest. It doesn't get more infectious than "I'm like Ma Bell I got the Ill Communication…"

3. Sounds of Science-(Paul's Boutique)-Arguably the Boys' best album. One of the Beastie's strengths is their topical songs. Rhyming about cooking, pirates or educating people about science is much more interesting than 20 songs bragging about money. What other rappers would drop, "Ponce de Leon, constantly on"?
2.Intergalactic (Hello Nasty)-The first single from their fifth album was very robotic sounding. And that's exactly how it is supposed to sound. The lyrics are a great mix of comedy and mock-toughness. The threat of being sitr-fryed in MCA's wok is enough to take the Beastie's seriously. It's even better if you can find the 70's remix featuring a mashup with Oh What a night, You sexy thing, and Rapper's Delight.

1. So Whatcha Want (Check Your Head)-Basically the song that started it all for me as a fan. They had me at "Can't front on that!" The song features brilliant lines like "Cooler than a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce" and "I'm eating crazy cheese like you think I'm from Paris". Plus the bass and distortion give it a slight edge that can instantly fire up a crowd. Or just me. It's sweeter than a cherry pie with Rediwhip topping.

"(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)"

"Brass Monkey"


"No Sleep Till Brooklyn"

"So What Cha Want"


"Sure Shot"

"Hold It Now, Hit It"

"Hey Ladies"

"Paul Revere"

Top 10 Beastie Boys tracks Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Arm Aritn


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