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Friday, May 4, 2012

Pabst replaces beer

Pabst replaces beer

Pabst replaces beer, Beer company replaces student's stolen suds, University of Nebraska-Lincoln student Jessica Robertson was robbed of her beer recently by a weapon-wielding man Sad story to be sure. But fortunately for her, a happy ending came in the form of a company "beer man"  who was dispatched to hand deliver a case of cold brew to replace the pilfered pilsner.Do you know what’s good? Pabst Blue Ribbon. Do you know what’s great? The fact that Pabst Blue Ribbon could replenish your beer supply if someone were to rob you of your PBR.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln student Jessica Robertson discovered this altruistic corporate policy last week. Robertson was drinking on her back patio when two men asked for a beer. When she declined, one man flashed a knife and bolted with the case*. A PBR rep saw the story and came to Robertson’s apartment with cases in hand, even staying to down a few with Robertson and her roommates.

Let it be known that the Los Angeles-based brewer prides itself on being more than just Williamsburg, Brooklyn, residents’ and blue collar workers’ favorite brew. That blue ribbon is f*cking deserved because PBR works for the people.
We can't imagine how bereft one must feel after having a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon forcefully stolen at forkpoint. But we do know what it's like to get free beer, so we're pretty happy that a Pabst distributor tried to right the wrong done to one theft victim by giving her free cases of PBR.

After WOWT News 6 in Nebraska reported the story of a college student who had her beer wrongfully taken from her, a local distributor attempted to make it up to her.

Last week at 11 p.m. in Lincoln, men approached a patio and asked those on it for a beer.

"We asked them to leave and one guy showed what looked like a knife," said the victim. Instead, a man grabbed a PBR and ran off with it. Police escorted him back later to be identified and arrested, and the worst part of all — he hadn't even finished the beer. Oh, and that knife turned out to be a fork.

Luckily, Rick from Pabst was paying attention to the news, and wanted to help.

"We're really sorry what happened to you last week with someone taking your beer from you," he said, and even carried the new cases of beer to the victim's home and joined her and her friends for a drink.

"My parents will be so proud," she said of having the beer man himself over for a little tipple.
After UNL student Jessica Robertson had her PBR robbed from her at knifepoint, Pabst Brewing Company sent over a rep to replace the stolen beer.

Like a real-life Duffman, Rick Birdsell arrived in Lincoln to hand Robertson replacement cases for her and her friends — and even stuck around to have a beer with them. "My parents will be so proud," Robertson told WOWT.

Hey, as far as legacies go, getting Pabst to hook you up with free beer is not too shabby. Just ask
As I write this post, I am looking down at my mostly black mouse pad, which is emblazoned with stars, rippling U.S. flags, and a large emblem of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company.And to my right is a photo of my four kids, taken on a day when they visited VOA some years ago. It’s encased in a black picture frame on which a different Harley logo — this one winged and pewter — appears.
By the look of it all, you’d think I was a big-time biker, a “real bad mamma jamma,” as the Geico insurance company’s smooth-talking lizard puts it in a commercial pitching motorcycle insurance.
Well, not exactly. In fact, I’ve ridden on a motorcycle only two or three times in my life — and, then on the back, clinging fiercely to one unfortunate person or another.

Yup, there's a Harley Barbie doll. (Mellicious, Flickr Creative Commons)
The Harley accents in my office came courtesy of my son, Rob, from the time he worked at a Harley-Davidson outlet store on the Delaware shore. It seems that Harley-Davidson has become such an iconic brand, almost synonymous with motorcycling and an entire vroom-vroom culture, that it sells millions of dollars of goods — from dice to men’s hats (oh, I have one of those with the Harley eagle, too) — that have nothing directly to do with motorcycles at all.
I learned the power and reach of this brand several years ago on a visit to the Midwest farm state of Wisconsin. There, you’ll find thousands and thousands of hogs. Not just four-legged swine, but also steel and chrome Harley motorcycles that riders affectionately call “Hogs” – the only motorcycles still mass-produced in the United States. Wisconsin’s largest city – Milwaukee – is home to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and an entire Harley culture.
Freedom. Adventure. Pavement. Leather. Chrome. These are some of the words that spring to the screen when you open the Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s Web page. The company boldly asserts – and most owners agree – that a Harley is more than a machine that goes fast. It’s a way of life.

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