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Friday, April 27, 2012

Woman arrested dropped cash

Woman arrested dropped cash

Woman arrested dropped cash, Cops say woman stole dropped cash, A Pennsylvania woman was arrested after she was caught on camera picking up money  that someone else dropped. Police say the woman was in line at a store when the man in front of her unknowingly dropped the cash After he left the store, police say, the woman was seen grabbing the money and checking to make sure no one saw her April 24, 2012 -- Police in Delaware County have made an arrest in a bold crime of opportunity that took place in a Wawa convenience store.

After receiving dozens of tips, Upper Darby police tracked down the woman, who was captured on surveillance video stealing an envelope full of cash.

28-year-old Stephanie Paparo of Clifton Heights left the Upper Darby Township building Wednesday morning without comment after being arraigned on charges of theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property. The mother of three young children told the judge that she was employed and had never before this been arrested. She was released on $10,000 unsecured bail.She left alongside a woman who did not identify herself. That woman told reporters, "That's all there is. She made a mistake."
Police released surveillance video earlier this week of the incident that occurred several weeks ago at a Wawa located at 5337 Baltimore Pike. The victim, Jim Duffy, told Action News how he unknowingly dropped a wad of cash by the register - $2,300 he was planning to put toward a new car.

The video shows the woman, later identified as Paparo, grabbing the loot and quickly looking around. The video then shows her placing her items back and fleeing the store.

As soon as the video aired, police say tip calls flooded in.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says, "It's about being morally and ethically correct. Again, is this crime of the century? No. But, was she wrong? Yeah. Now she's going to pay the consequences."

As to what happened to that $2,300, it remains unclear. It was recorded that the money was recovered at the house, however Upper Darby Police say that was not the case, that the money was not recovered - not any portion of it.
Police arrested a woman caught on surveillance video pocketing money someone else dropped on the ground, NBC10 reports.

It happened four weeks ago at the Wawa on the 5300 block of Baltimore Pike in Clifton Heights. Investigators say a man unknowingly dropped two wads of cash as he reached into his pocket while trying to buy water and a snack. After he left the store, a woman was captured on security video reaching down and grabbing the money. She was then seen looking around the store to make sure no one spotted her, before fleeing the scene.

Finder, keepers does not apply here. Police nabbed a Philadelphia woman who picked up $2,300 in cash off the floor in a convenience store and kept it. The problem, police say, is that she knew it fell out of the pocket of the customer in front of her and thus had a legal responsibility to return it. Instead, the 28-year-old quickly left the store with the loot, as surveillance video shows, and now faces misdemeanor charges of theft and receiving stolen property.

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