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Friday, April 27, 2012

Chris Brown puppies

Chris Brown puppies

Chris Brown puppies, here has been much lately in the way of commentary on Chris Brown's appearance at the Grammys. Much in the way of support and forgiveness forgetfulness of the events that transpired approximately 3 years ago between him and a well-known pop diva that I honestly don't need to mention because she has had her name strewn across one too many blogs and peeps er..tweets.
I've noticed especially that women have not only been blaming the survivor for the assault but also wishing it had been them because getting beaten is okay and desirable as long as it's by someone as good-looking and famous as Chris Brown..and holding puppies while making a duck face means that you are sensitive.   I would like to take this opportunity to remind those who know of the LaMichael James event that occurred approximately around the same time and has already been forgotten among all of his awards and football accomplishments. Here, let's take a little trip down memory lane:

Chris Brown blasted for selling pit bull puppies online, R&B singer Chris Brown (bio) is fending off criticism after selling pit bull puppies on a website he created (how much is he charging?). The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles blasted Brown as a "backyard breeder" and said he should be urging people to buy shelter dogs instead And now tell me exactly why he is an amazing person? I mean, Hitler was a great speech-writer and motivational speaker. Wagner was a proud anti-semite that wrote historically important music and changed the face of opera to how we know it today. Clearly: Great ability does not equate to great morality. Historically speaking it seems like it is easy for us, as a whole society, to gloss over horrible facts when the perpetrator/deed-doer is famous or popular . It is easier to blame the survivor than believe that someone we admire is capable of committing such a terrible offense and that, if they did, it was obviously provoked and well-deserved on the part of the survivor. Having an ability does not make you a god or excuse you from the normal system of crime punishment that we are all subject to, especially in the case of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Not only the case of Chris Brown and LaMichael James, but also Nate Jaqua, the athlete that ("allegedly"..emphatic eye-rolling) raped one of our female soccer players. He was sued for raping a member of the UO women's soccer team in 2007 but his name magically appeared on one of our newest buildings for student-athletes. Hush money? Coincidence? The assault happened not 5 years ago but his name is up in lights and NOBODY I've talked to about this had ever even heard of the cas
Chris Brown has been fighting bad publicity since 2008, when the R&B singer got into an argument with his then-girlfriend, fellow R&B singer Rihanna, which escalated in physical violence. Rihanna was hospitalized with several facial lacerations, and Brown was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats. Since then, Brown has been rebuilding his public image, and no attempt at this has been more obvious than his recent decision to sell puppies.

Yes, you heard right. Chris Brown is selling puppies. And you can buy them.

On Sunday evening, Brown's mother Joyce Hawkins took to Twitter to make the announcement:


It almost seems like a joke, since domains are free website builders for those of us without double Platinum records. But it doesn't look like a joke.

On the website, called "CB Breeds," Brown offers weeks-old puppies for $1,000 each. Each of the available puppies comes with a pet registration, a list of current vaccinations, an examination by a veterinarian, a health guarantee, and a four generation performance pedigree.

According to his website, Brown's available puppies -- mostly pit bulls -- include four females, named Princess, Precious, Pretty and Beauty, and four males, named Fortune, Music, Jett and Freedom.

If you're interested in buying one of Chris Brown's puppies, simply e-mail The site says that depending on the buyers' location, some of these dogs can be delivered.

What do you think of Chris Brown's latest decision to sell puppies? Do you wish he had more breeds available? Will Chris Brown change his name to Chris Breedzy? Let us know in the comments section below.
Chris Brown is now selling puppies. A rep for Brown confirmed yesterday that the singer is selling two-month-old pit bull puppies on a website. Maureen O’Connor called Brown an animal lover and says the pups were born to dogs he keeps at his family house in Virginia. She says he’s simply selling them to make sure they go to a good home, and it’s not going to be a new business for him. Brown’s mother on Sunday tweeted a link to the site, which shows Brown cuddling a pup. He’s selling them for $1,000 each, and the site guarantees their health, shots, registration and more.

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