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Monday, June 17, 2013

Alaska mom forces child to eat hot sauce to get on Dr. Phil

Alaska mom forces child to eat hot sauce to get on Dr. Phil, Prosecutors making closing statements in the trial of Alaskan mom Jessica Beagley say “Dr. Phil” shares the blame for Beagley forcing her son to eat hot sauce.

According to prosecutors, Beagley -- on trial for child abuse -- wrote to “Dr. Phil” producers after watching a segment entitled “Angry Mom.” The show called her a year later asking if she was still angry -- and, when Beagley said she was, the show agreed to tape her interactions with her family.

Beagley’s defense team says she was simply punishing her adopted 7-year-old son for his misbehavior by making him eat the hot sauce.

On one of Beagley’s audition tapes for “Dr. Phil,” she’s seen yelling at her son and forcing him to swish hot sauce in his mouth for lying -- before putting him in a cold shower as punishment.

Beagley says she wishes she never sent the tapes to “Dr. Phil.”

Beagley’s defense attorney, William Ingaldson, says the methods aren’t torture or cruel punishment.

The child shown in the video was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder after the “Dr. Phil” segment aired and charges were brought against Beagley

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