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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1976 black cabs required to carry a bale of hay

1976 black cabs required to carry a bale of hay,  No longer are you going to jump into a black cab and see horse feed. One of London’s strangest laws was:

“Until 1976, all hackney carriages (ie black cabs) were required to carry ‘a bale of hay and a sack of oats’ for the horse, even though the nags were long gone. There’s more: by law, councils had to supply ‘a water trough at all hackney taxi ranks’. In case Hackneyites needed to bathe a pug or give their moustache a rinse.”

1976 Black Cabs Required to Carry a Bale of Hay

Laws are supposed to be rooted in logic and yet some of the strangest seem to have been written without a drop of it. Of course this law made sense for the time but there are plenty of antiquated laws that have always been kind of… bizarre.   Did you know that it’s illegal to whistle underwater in Vermont? I wonder how anyone gets caught and I’m especially curious as to what the punishment is…

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