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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kidnapped Baby Found 23 Years Later

Kidnapped Baby Found 23 Years Later - A sickly infant snatched from her Harlem hospital crib has been located—23 years after she was kidnapped. Nejdra Nance of Atlanta contacted the distraught mom who always thought her daughter was alive. Nance spotted photos of missing “Carlina” online and thought they looked amazingly like her own baby photos.

“She always had a feeling she was different from the people raising her,” said her biological grandmother. DNA tests have proven that she is indeed the missing child of Joy White.

At the family reunion “she didn’t even seem like a stranger, she just fit right in,” said her grandmother. “She brought her beautiful daughter. It was magic.” The family hasn’t yet pressed her on details of her upbringing. “That will all come,” said her grandma. “What’s important now is our baby girl is home.

She’s home.” As part of their investigation, police are talking to retired detectives who handled the case years ago. Because she was so young when she was kidnapped, it’s impossible for Nance to know if she has lived with the same family the entire time, reports the AP.

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