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Thursday, July 19, 2012

tom cruise and yolanda pecoraro

tom cruise and yolanda pecoraro, We know it’s only been a matter of days since the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce announcement, but RadarOnline is pretty sure they already know who Tom’s next spouse is going to be. According to them, actress Yolana Pecoraro might as well set up her registry now; she’s gorgeous, a Scientologist and, most importantly, already dated Tom Cruise in 2004, albeit vey briefly. “Yes, I knew and still know Tom Cruise. And no, I’m not married or engaged,” Yolanda told the National Enquirer in response to their queries. That definitely ain’t a no! While only time and/or Tom will tell if these two are a love match (and we’re pretty sure Cruise is smart enough to wait at least a few weeks before debuting a new girlfriend), we have some other suggestions for potential rebounds for both Katie and Tom…

If Holmes is looking to have a little fun now that she’s gotten out of a long term relationship, might we suggest Chris Evans? The Captain America star has all of Tom’s clean-cut action hero good looks, none of the “jumping on the couch” baggage. (Though we’ll see what happens when Katie starts dating him; maybe she’s just that awesome.) Bradley Cooper also seems like a hunk who prefers his women A-list: Zoe Saldana, Renee Zellweger, Anne Heche, etc. If we’re being honest though, there’s only one man we want to see Katy with: Chris Klein. Wouldn’t that be romantic if they got back together after all these years? Yes, we know Chris went to rehab and, yes, everyone saw that humiliating Mamma Mia! audition tape. We don’t care. Girl likes her men a little offbeat anyway.
As for Tom Cruise, two words: Olivia Wilde. He prefers his ladies a little younger; she used to be married to an actual prince. We think they would both get something out a relationship. Sorry, Jason Sudeikis! We’d also like to see Tom hook back up with his Risky Business partner Rebecca de Mornay; she’s super-hot, age appropriate and it would give us a sense of deep satisfaction. Let’s be real though, if Tom Cruise is going to have an actual fling with someone, it should be Elisabetta Canalis. If she’s good enough for Clooney, right? Or Tom could swing for the bleachers and ask out Rihanna. We’re not saying she’d say yes….we’re just saying she’d do whatever she wanted. And what if she wanted to do Tom Cruise? Who do you think these two should move on with?

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