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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scottsdale company promotes work time naps

Scottsdale company promotes work time naps - Imagine being able to take a nap at work. It’s happening at JAWA, a Scottsdale-based software developer. Company executives know the hours in front of a computer can be long and tiring. So JAWA CEO Jason Hope approached his executives with the idea of napping at work.

“I thought it was a little crazy when people said ‘hey, we want to sleep at work,’ it just doesn’t seem reasonable. But we did a little research and thought ‘hey there ‘s something to this, lets give it a shot.’” said Director of Content Brad Owen.

JAWA installed two nap rooms. One has a traditional cot-like bed with feng shui decor in soothing blue and earthtones. The other is tropical with a state of the art sleeping pod.

“It comes from England and has a James Bond, Dr. Evil feel,” said Owen who says he’s tried the sleeping pod himself and likes it.

“I gave it a few weird glances, but when no one was looking I came in here and gave it a try and found out that I loved it,” said Content Writer Danny Shoffman.

Shoffman says after several hours in front of the computer he starts finding the simple tasks can take longer than they should and focusing becomes difficult.

“I come in here and get my 15 minutes in and I come back and I’m re-engergized, I come back and I feel good,” Shoffman said.

But it doesn’t stop at the nap room.

JAWA also has a game room, fully equipped with ping pong tables, a pool table and several other games.

And if that isn’t enough, they serve a catered breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“It saves time because our workers don’t have to go out and eat. If we can save 20 percent on productivity, that pays for it,” said Human Resource Director Jason Dupree.

Shoffman agrees, “They care, they care about us and happy people work harder so productivity has a lot of play in this.”

If it boosts productivity, JAWA executives say it’s well worth the shut eye.

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