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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Outrageous Celebrity Demands

Outrageous Celebrity Demands, In the celebrity world, a rider is the document of requests that an entertainer makes when appearing at a venue or working on a movie set. Some seem pretty standard. Jennifer Garner likes a copy of Los Angeles Times, for example. Click through to find out the more outrageous demands of stars like Adele, Katy Perry and Angelina Jolie.

Celebrities are often accustomed to the finer things in life, and in some cases, as their bank account goes up, so do their expectations. From demanding only the finest bottled water to bathe in, to air-conditioning in a desert tent, these stars won't settle for anything less than absolute luxury.


Say you lucked out and scored a free pair of tickets to an Adele concert. You're stoked, right? Not so fast. The singer has a clause in her tour rider that holders of these
"free" tickets should be aware of. It might not come as good news, even if it's ultimately for a good cause.

Jennifer Lopez

At this point in her career, Jennifer does not want to settle. And you know what? She's probably going to get her way. At least she apparently does with a stipulation in her rider about how her 40-foot trailer should be decorated. On this point, she is very specific.

George Clooney

We like to think of George as a good guy, so we won't hold against him the rumor that he demanded some considerably posh digs on the set of his upcoming feature "Gravity." At least he let co-star Sandra Bullock enjoy his amenities.


When news broke of Madonna's extremely unusual diva demand at concert venues for her Confessions Tour, people made a big stink about it. It probably wasn't an association that she enjoyed, but hey -- she was just looking out for No. 1… and No. 2.

Katy Perry

Sweet though Katy may seem, she has some rather strong feelings about what kind of dressing room she should find waiting for her at a concert venue. Among all the stipulations in her 45-page tour rider, what stands out most is the one thing she absolutely forbids.

Scarlett Johansson

With all these celebs making demands left and right, you might be relieved to hear that they're sometimes told no. That's what happened to Scarlett while she was promoting "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." She allegedly demanded that the movie studio shell out for a certain service that would have cost thousands of dollars per day. She didn't get it.

50 Cent

The request might seem strange, but you can't say that it's mysterious. Chances are that you could figure out exactly what 50 Cent plans to do with the boxes of a certain item that he asks for at concert venues.

Christina Aguilera

She may sing like a woman, have the body of a woman, and carry herself like a woman, but there's a small part of this diva that will always be a little girl. Need proof? It's in her tour rider.

Lady Gaga

Maybe we're having fun laughing at ego-tripping celebrities and their long lists of demands, but sometimes a strange-seeming request is made for a good reason. Lady Gaga, for example, makes a certain request simply to limit her audience's supply of things they can toss onto the stage.

Will Ferrell

You might not consider Will a diva, but if you're at all familiar with his sense of humor, then you could probably guess that he'd be able to out-crazy any egomaniacal singer. Back when he was doing a comedy tour to promote his movie "Semi-Pro," he made some unusual requests.

Britney Spears

Back in her heyday, Britney Spears was famous enough -- and therefore powerful enough -- to toss some weight around. One of her demands involved a very unusual amenity being placed in her hotel rooms. Allegedly, she used it for exercise.


We're sure that Usher enjoys a fancy dressing room as much as anybody else in the music industry does. But the demand we're listing here isn't related to his concert appearances. Instead, it was a stipulation that Usher made before appearing at the 2004 GQ Men of the Year Awards. And it's a whopper.

Lindsay Lohan

She's probably a bit easier to please today, now that she's thankful to land an acting job. But there was a time when Lindsay thought enough of herself to make a very specific demand regarding her accommodations on the set of "Georgia Rule."


With some celebs, you could say that they actually delude themselves into thinking that they need these things. With the especially bizarre item on Eminem's tour rider, however, we're pretty sure that he's just showing off.


By now, you should not be surprised to learn that celebs can be quite picky about their dressing rooms. Cher, however, one-ups everyone else by being picky about an extra room, which she requests specifically to house a certain accessory she's known for wearing.

Lily Allen

Some celeb requests are just incredible, but certain ones actually make sense. Take Lily's, for example. Her demand regarding her backstage treatment at concerts actually sums up her personality pretty well.

Barbra Streisand

Did you have any doubt that Babs would be on this list? Her crazy demand might, in fact, even outdo Madonna's.

David Hasselhoff

There's indulgent, there's crazily narcissistic and then there's the level The Hoff is at when he asks for a certain object to be placed in his dressing room. Let's just say that he's clearly very keen on himself.

Holly Robinson Peete

We're giving Holly an out on this one: Pregnancy cravings can make otherwise sane people demand bizarre things. Still, this one's specific enough to warrant a mention…

Steve Martin

And, finally, we have Steve Martin, who turns mockery into an art form. Martin, who plays the banjo and performs in concert, leaked a tour rider back in 2010 that makes fun of other celebs' outrageous demands.

Mariah Carey

It's not surprising that Mariah Carey tops this list, as she is notorious for her diva-like behavior. When travelling, the singer insists a new toilet seat and gold faucets be put in her hotel suite before she checks in, along with a large amount of a specific kind of mineral water, just for her and her dog to bathe in each day. Her dressing rooms must include one box of bendy straws, two air purifiers, several puppies and kittens, Cristal champagne, and of course an attendant to take her used chewing gum, because waste baskets simply won't do.

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